Stuck For Christening Gift Ideas? Try These.

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Christenings and naming ceremonies are often the first big celebration of a baby’s life. Whether the aim is to welcome them into a religion or just into the world, the occasion often calls for gifts. Christening gifts aren’t easy to buy, because there are so many questions surrounding them. Do you need to buy a gift if you aren’t playing the part of godparent or a similar role? Are you buying for the baby or their parents? Should you choose something practical or pretty? And how much money should you spend? The easiest thing to do is to look at some gift ideas and go with your instinct on what feels most appropriate. And you can always ask the parents if you’re not sure.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys have several things going for them. Not only are they a beautiful traditional gift, which will last a long time, but they’re practical too. Instead of just being a decorative piece that will sit in a cabinet, the baby can play with a wooden toy when they’re old enough. You could choose something they can enjoy right away, like a wooden rattle. Or you might decide on something a bit more grown up, such as a train. Unlike plastic toys, wooden ones will last and look great too. A Noah’s Ark is a popular choice for christenings.

Something Silver

Giving christening silver as a gift is a very traditional option. The baby’s godparents usually give silver as a gift. There are a number of silver items that people frequently give as christening gifts. They are often purely decorative and more of a keepsake for parents than a practical gift for the baby. Silver cups and spoons are two traditional gifts, as well as other silver cutlery. jewelry often depicts a religious symbol and can be anything from a rosary to a cross pendant or even dog tags with an engraving. Silver rattles are a popular choice too.

A Book

If you’re attending a christening or other religious ceremony, you might like to give a Bible, or whichever religious text is appropriate. However, you don’t have to stop there when it comes to books. Books are items that parents and child can treasure for a long time, and there are several options for giving them as gifts. You might like to present a hardback of your favorite childhood book, with an inscription from you inside. Personalized books are another option, where you can create a story or photo album especially for the baby and their parents. Books are something that the baby can appreciate when they’re a bit older, and the parents can enjoy until then. Plus, reading together is fantastic for bonding between parents and children.

When you choose your gift, think about the purpose of the ceremony. If it’s a religious ceremony and you know the parents will bring the baby up in the faith you might choose to focus your gift around it. If it’s a naming ceremony with no religious overtones, look at more neutral keepsakes and practical gifts.

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