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Stockings are a fun way to give smaller, fun gifts.  We celebrate Chanukah so we don’t have stockings for our children.  When I was young my mother used to fill a gift bag with fun stocking stuffer type items that we got to open the first night of Chanukah so that is what I do with my girls, too.  I have a fun some fun stocking stuffer ideas for you!

Do you have a 1 Direction fan on your gift list?  These items from The Wish Factory would make perfect stocking stuffers.  What tween wouldn’t want to wear Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, or Harry on their nails?  Now they can with these packages of 20 fun stick-on nails.  Pick your favorite or mix and match for even more options!

Know someone who would want to carry the 1 Direction boys in their pocket or on their backpack?  These fun micro key chains would make the perfect gift.  These keychains are 1.5 inches tall and come with a larch hook for easy clipping.  Each band member has three different models for a total of 15 choices.

This fun pink pop band braided bracelet comes with 3 charms of individual band members, group shots or the 1 Direction logo.  Customize however you like to show how big of a fan you are.

Even bigger than the micro keychains, check out the collectible keychains that are about 3.5 inches.  They have a metal carabiner keychain top and includes a plastic stand complete with the band member’s signature.

Have a music lover on your gift list?  The Wish Factory also has fun ear buds and ear bud charms.  Choose from all different style charms including dice, animals, and even 1 Direction.  The charms easily clip on to the ear bud wire and come off just as easily so they can be changed anytime.

One more fun stocking stuffer is from Floppets.  Floppets are small collectible toys that can be attached with a velcro loop strap to backpacks, flip flops, fingers, toes, and clothes for children to show their own sense of style.  They are great for decorating and personalizing belongings and are just plain fun.   There are so many places you can put Floppets but one fun thing to do with Flopets is to wrap them around wires to keep them tamed.  They are fun to wear, share, and trade.  There are lots of styles for boys and girls so they are the perfect stocking stuffer.

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