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 Disclosure- I received a Spring Silicone Bark and Chocolate Mold and Spatula from Good Cook to facilitate my review but all opinions are 100% my own.

bark mold
Spring is such a fun time of year.  All the bunnies, chicks, butterflies, and spring colors are so pretty and great to bring a festive cheer to anyone.  I was sent a Spring Silicone Bark and Chocolate Mold from Good Cook and was so excited to get to work on creating a fun treat for my family and friends.  The mold is heat safe so you can create fun brownies, cookies, etc. in it but I decided to make some chocolate bark this time.

The mold is super cute and makes such darling spring designs in whatever you make with it.  It is very flexible and everything easily slips right out of it.  I was afraid my creations would stick to it, fall apart, or lose some of the design but that wasn’t the case.  The silicone makes it so easy to pull the mold off whatever you make.

gourmet chocolate bark

I made two batches because I didn’t like how the designs on the first batch came out but that was my own mistake.  I covered the whole bottom of each mold section with white melting chocolate and then created my bark varieties on top.  Then when it all cooled I took the bark out of the mold AND SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THERE.  But I wanted to color in the various indented sections of the bark that the mold created.  I should have left them alone or perhaps used a food safe paintbrush to color the designs with the colored chocolate.  I tried to use a pastry type bags filled with various colors of melting chocolate to fill in the colors but I didn’t like how it turned out.   I think I am just a hard judge on myself because I wanted them to be perfect because my younger daughter saw them and said I was the “Most Talented Mommy Ever”!
See what I mean with the 1st attempt above.  It could have been better but the lumpy designs were my fault.  That’s when I figured out to either not fill in the designs because they are so cute not being colored in or by filling them with the method pictured below.
First fill in the first “level” of the mold around the designs with one color of chocolate using a pastry bag with the end snipped off.
Then fill in the designs with your desired colors of chocolate using pastry bags.  

Cover with your choice of chocolate colors/flavors.  I used dark chocolate on half of the mold above and white chocolate mixed with yellow cake mix.

It makes a delicious cake tasting chocolate.  I mixed about 1 cup of white chocolate with 2 tsp of dry yellow cake mix.
Top with desired toppings (in my second batch above I used jelly beans on one side and M&M eggs on the other), let cool, and viola!
second batch
See how much prettier the second batch’s designs came out?  They were so easy to break apart, too.

 spring mold review
These adorable bark squares would make a great gift for friends, relatives, or a special teacher.  Sure the jelly beans and M&Ms are adorable and yummy but if you want to kick it up a notch try one of the other combinations that I created in my 1st chocolate bark attempt.

Top Row
White chocolate, dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and whole natural cashews
White chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and whole pecans
White chocolate and butterscotch chips
White chocolate dried cherries, and pistachios (MY FAVORITE ONE) 

Middle Row
Dark chocolate, dried banana chips, and coconut flakes
Dark chocolate and whole pecans
Milk chocolate, whole natural almonds, and toffee pieces
Milk chocolate, coconut flakes, and sugar sprinkles

Bottom Row
Milk chocolate and coconut flakes
Milk chocolate and toffee pieces
Dark chocolate and marshmallows
Dark chocolate and sprinkles

Want to make some fun bark yourself?  
Here’s a 25% off coupon to Good Cook to get the Spring Bark Mold and Spatula. Use CODE: SpringFling at checkout.

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