Spin Master Games- Logo Party and Hedbanz Act Up Product Reviews!

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Looking for some fun family games?  Check out Hedbanz Act Up and Logo Party from Spin Master!

hedbanz act up
Hedbanz Act Up is a fun game for children and adults.  It is a combination of the original Hedbanz and Charades.  It is for ages 8 and up but my 7 year old still had fun playing it.  Each player picks a card from the deck and puts it on their headband so everyone else can see the person, place, or thing that is on their head but they can’t.  When it is your turn other players act out what is on your card and you have to guess what the word is.  If you guess correctly you put one of your tokens in the center playing area and so does the person who was acting your word for you.  The winner is the person who loses all their tokens first.  Some of the words are a little hard for my daughters who are 7 and 9 years old, but they know most of them.  If there is a word that one of my daughters has on their headbands that I don’t think they would know, I simply have them pick a new word.  We did think that the timer that was included (a sand timer) was not enough time so we used our own kitchen timer instead.  Also, with the sand timer someone needs to be watching it because it doesn’t make any audible sound when time is up.  We were so into the game and trying to guess that we often didn’t realize that time was up until we started using the kitchen timer.

We had a family game night last weekend and invited my sister over so there were 3 adults and 2 children playing Hedbanz Act Up.  All of us had so much fun.  The adults and children all giggled and laughed so much as each of us were acting out the words and trying to guess what the words are.  We are looking forward to playing Hedbanz Act Up with our children again soon.

logo party game

Logo Party is another fun game.  Suggested age is 8+ but my girls didn’t know many of the brands so we modified the game a bit when we played it as a family.  I think it is better suited as a game for older children or adults who would be more familiar with the brands.  With Logo Party you divide up into teams and move your pawn along the game board.  One person from the first team draws a card and has to either draw, act out or describe the brand(s) listed on their card that matches the color of the space on the board their pawn is on.  If the back of the card says Draw It you draw clues, Do It and you act out clues without talking, or Describe It and you have to describe the brand and your team members have to guess it before the time runs out.  Another fun part of the game is when you pick a “Reveal It” Card.  You put the card in the Logo Time and it slowly reveals the logo.  Both teams have to try to guess what the brand is before the other team.  It is lots of fun.  We modified the game a bit to play with our girls.  I picked cards and then acted out, drew, or gave clues for the brands I thought they would be able to figure out.  We still enjoyed playing Logo Party.  I can’t wait to play with a group of my friends next time!

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