Smooth Operator: Helping Your Man Prepare For A Special Occasion

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You might be excited when you hear the news or you might be dreading it. You and your man have been invited to something special. Many men are total pros when it comes to sprucing up and dressing well. They know exactly what they want to wear and how they’re going to wear it. They’re comfortable choosing ties, cufflinks, or other accessories. They may even be able to trim and style their own hair. For the vast majority of mere mortal men though, preparing for a special event is a bit alien to them. Many times, we will be asked for our advice or input on how to help them look their best. Special occasions can range from birthday parties, weddings, or even job interviews. Be sure to take your cue from the style of the event itself and always ask for more information if it’s needed. Events tend to be going down a more and more informal route. But there is nothing worse than making a bad judgement call. Read the invite, ask for guidance, and plan well in advance to avoid mishaps!

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The Makeover

Of course, this makeover isn’t literal. No-one is suggesting that you help your man to paint his nails or apply liquid eyeliner. But a quick, simple manicure or facial can actually be a good move. Facial treatments and massages are completely unisex at many spas and salons. It is also possible to do one at home. He can easily do this himself or you can make it a fun way to spend quality time together. You should cleanse the skin thoroughly then apply a warm towel to open the pores. Apply a specialty men’s facemask or something hydrating or clay based depending on his skin type. Leave on for approximately ten minutes and then rinse or dab off. You’ll be amazed at how much more fresh and awake it’s possible to look! This can also be a great time to address any unwanted facial hair or strays. Tweeze between the eyebrows, sharpen any lines of facial hair, and use a nose hair trimmer too if necessary. A bit of hand moisturizer and trimming the nails will instantly add a groomed, effortless look too.

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The Outfit

You have shudder at the thought of going through the entirety of your man’s unruly wardrobe. The chances are, you might also pick something he would never wear or has avoided for months for a reason. If he has asked for your advice, then try the collaborative approach. He should pick out a few outfits that appeal to him for the event and ask for your opinion on each. That way, you can tweak the details together and come up with something really special. It is always handy to get a second perspective, whether male or female! You should pay special attention to the fit of the clothing, especially if they haven’t been worn for some time. There are few things worse than the day of the event arriving and you realising that your outfit doesn’t fit. So ensure that he tries everything on in advance. The age and expense of an outfit is rarely noticeable. What catches the eye is whether it fits well. Even an expensive, brand new suit will look poor if it hangs off the shoulders or is tight around the sleeves. Similarly, an affordable outfit will look sleek and expensive if it fits beautifully. You don’t want to risk a last minute nightmare, so select the outfits and make an afternoon of it! With a glass of a wine in hand (be careful not to spill it!) you can make it fun and less of a chore.

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