Six Questions To Ask Before You Apply For A Loan

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Applying for a loan is a part of growing up and becoming your own person. You can’t rely on your family to provide for you forever, and you need an alternative. Plus, some loans are just too big to ask your mom and dad for help. With a loan, you the can finally become an adult and stand on your feet without any help. Still, that doesn’t mean that loans are all good. In fact, they are dangerous, and they can cause a lot of financial difficulties. To avoid this further down the road, you need to learn more about the loan. And, what’s the best way to learn? The best way to learn is to ask questions.

Here are the six questions you need to ask if you’re applying for a loan. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-timer or a pro – you still need to ask.

#1: How Much Do I Need?

After the 2008 banking crisis, it’s not okay to trust the bank’s judgement. If that crisis taught us anything, it’s always to do your research. With this nugget of information in mind, you want to crunch the numbers and figure out how much you need. The trick is always to borrow within your means. You may need hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you may not be able to afford the rate. If that’s the case, ask for less. Once you have a quote, you can reference it against your monthly budget. If that quote is within your budget, you are good to proceed.

#2: Will I Qualify For The Loan?

Unfortunately, you will harm your credit rating if you apply for a loan that you don’t receive. The best option is only to apply for a loan that you will get. But, how do you know when they will accept your application and when they will reject it? You can ask the lender for their minimum loan requirements beforehand. This information will give you an insight into what the organization expects from all of their applicants. For instance, it will give you the minimum credit score required. All you have to do then is see where your score ranks.


#3: What’s My Credit Score?

You may not know your credit score because you have never had to use it before. Don’t worry because it is easy to find. There are plenty of online companies that will provide you with a free credit score if you sign up with them. Or, you can go to your bank and ask them to do it for you over the counter. Your credit score is going to determine whether you get the loan, so you need to make sure it is healthy. If you need to give it a boost, go to There, you will find a range of ways to improve your rating and increase your chances of getting accepted.


#4: Is A Bank The Only Option?

No, there are lots of other options. Banks only seem like they are the only option because they have a monopoly on loans. When was the last time you heard of someone who didn’t get a mortgage from the bank? Exactly. Still, that doesn’t mean you look around at other lenders to find the best deal. After all, credit unions are a good source of money if you are looking for a small loan. And, short-term lenders like are good if you have bad credit. However, your family is by far your best choice. With a family loan, you don’t have to worry about the monthly repayments and the high rates of interest. As they have your best interests at heart, they won’t put you under pressure to pay.

#5: Do I Have The Money To Repay The Loan?

Never apply for a loan if you can’t afford the repayments. If you do, you will only find yourself in more trouble than when you started. After all, you also have to pay the rate of interest on top of the total loan. Take a good look at your finances before you sign on the dotted line. If they are in good shape, you’re okay to continue. But, if they aren’t, then the alarms should sound in your head.


#6: What Happens If I Can’t Pay?

The odds are that the loan will move onto your next of kin. It is important to understand this before you continue because you could put them at risk if you die. Okay, you don’t plan on dying anytime soon, but things happen. And, if you do die, they will be liable.

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