Simple Ways to Make the Home Feel Fresher

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Is your home feeling a little stale and stifling? It’s a common problem that a lot of people have to face and contend with. There are lots of ways to make the home feel fresher though; here are some simple ideas.

Improve Ventilation

The only real way to get rid of that stale feeling in the home is to improve the ventilation in the home. This doesn’t have to be too complicated though. It might sound difficult, but simply opening a few windows can improve the ventilation massively. It will sweep away the lingering smells in the home and replace them with fresh air. It will also stop any mold forming around the frames of the windows.

Buy Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers offer you something that is very simple, but very important: life and nature. It’s as simple as that; flowers look good and smell good, and they also help to oxygenate the room. Put simply, this means they make the room feel very fresh. For the best results, buy some bulbs and plant them in pots, and place them around the house. Once they get too big for their pots, you can plant them in the garden and by new ones for the home. Why not give it a try?

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Invest in a Good Fan

A fan helps to circulate air around the home, and that’s something that’s essential if you want your home to feel fresher. It’s a simple change, but it could make a huge amount of difference. If you get the best tower fan, they will help to purify the air and make it much cleaner. This will not only make the home fresher but also more healthy. It’s thought that purifying the air in your home can stop you getting ill so often and prevent coughs and sneezes taking hold. That can surely only be a good thing.

Keep the Pets Under Control

When you have lots of pets running around the home and their hairs are left all over the furniture, it can be pretty hard to keep the home fresh. There are a few things you can do to improve this situation though. First of all, you could confine the pets to certain rooms in the house. Keeping them out of the living room and bedroom might be difficult, but it will certainly help keep those rooms fresh. You also need to make an extra effort to vacuum carpets and furniture more when you have pets.

Add Some Color

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to make the home feel a little fresher is change the way the rooms look. If you have lots of dark or dull colours on the wall, you should repaint them with a bright, vibrant colour or add some interesting wallpaper. This will make a bigger difference in how the home looks and feels than you might initially realise. It’s not just the walls that can benefit from an injection of colour though. Adding a few colourful cushions to the sofa or buying a new rug can make a big difference too.


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