Should You Really Buy That? Essential Questions!

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Compulsive shopping is something that so many women get into the habit of doing. Beautiful new things become available all the time, so it can be difficult to resist temptation. I get so many emails everyday from companies trying to entice me to buy, so I knew I had to think of a way to stop myself from spending all my money. This post is going to help you do the same!

Do I Really Need This or Can it Wait?

There’s a difference between needing something and wanting something. Ask yourself if you really need this item, or whether it can wait. If it can wait, give yourself at least another week to mull it over. Preferably you’ll give yourself a few weeks to a month to consider it. You’ll usually find that the desire to buy goes away, which can save you a lot of money!

Can I Afford to Buy This?

Can you actually afford to buy this item? Think about whether or not it fits in your budget. Is there anything you must pay out this month? Do you have anything important coming up you should save for? Will this item make a big difference to your bank balance? You shouldn’t go broke for a new pair of shoes. I do this no matter what I’m buying!

Will I Use This More Than Once?

If you know you’ll definitely get your wear/use out of something, then you can justify buying it. The worst thing you can do is buy something and only use it once, or not at all! However, you won’t always know unless you give yourself time to think about it. Some of the things I wear and use most were pretty risky buys in my opinion!

8326653973_1675622f5d_zIs This an Investment, or Will the Novelty Wear off?

You should look at everything you buy as investments. If the novelty may soon wear off your purchase, you need to do the thing I mentioned first and wait a few weeks. You know that something is an investment if you’ve waited and waited and yet you still think you need it in your life. A leather handbag by Alexander Wang may not seem like an investment to some, but if you need a new bag and you know you’ll wear it out then you should go for it. Providing you can afford the item, that is.

Will This Item Enrich my Life?

Can you see this item enriching your life? Do you know you can use it in a lot of different situations? Buying for the sake of it will never enrich your life. It’s up to you to know when something is a waste of money.

If you’ve come up with the answers to these questions and you still think you should buy whatever it is, then go ahead. Remember, nobody ever got rich by spending their money, so be wise about what you buy! If you have any tips to give my readers, then leave a comment below. See you next time!

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