Save Up For The Holiday Season With These Simple Tips

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The holiday season is fast approaching. Lots of stores are already stocking their Christmas goodies alongside the Halloween merchandise! But it can fill you with dread when you start checking out the prices of those things you know you’ll have to buy soon. So what can you do? Rather than take out a second mortgage or get into any debt, use the next couple of months to save up for your holiday season. Here’s how:

Cut Back and Quit

As soon as all those holiday treats hit the stores, it can be tempting to spoil yourself. This won’t help you save up much money, though. In fact, this time of year is a good time to start thinking about those bad habits and nipping them in the bud. See if you can cut back on candies, alcohol, and other treats in the run up to the festive season. And if you’re a smoker, then reinvest those ciggy dollars into your holiday fund!

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Coupons and Discounts

When you do have to go to the store, take the time to make a list of exactly what you need. Then don’t buy anything that isn’t on the list. This will save you from buying more than you need. There are plenty of websites and publications offering in-store discounts and coupons to help you save money.

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You can find everything from Kohl’s coupons to cash back incentives if you take the time to browse. Use them, and try not to pay full price for anything for a month. See how much of your monthly budget you can save. It can be put away for the holiday season instead.

Garage Sale

The holidays often come with a bounty of gifts. Make space for your family’s haul by having a garage sale now. Clearing out your excess belongings gives you the opportunity to get organized and tidy ready for all those extra guests too. Best of all, you can save the money you generate from the sale to go toward your holiday fund.

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As well as using a garage sale in your street, you can list your items online to sell to a wider market too. Take photos of items after you’ve cleaned them up ready for sale. Use good lighting and be sure to include all the details you have about them too. Do a little research into your items to be sure you are selling at the right price.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

This time of year is full of big, prominent displays of glittering goods. But you need to be careful you’re not drawn into the glitz and glamor. You could end up buying things you really don’t need. Draw up a gift list and stick to it. If you buy everything that looks good, you won’t have enough money to cover your other holiday expenses.

It’s not always easy to save money. And the holiday season can be so expensive. But with a little care and organization, you can make this holiday season a good one without going into expensive debt. Enjoy the holidays.

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