Sartori Gourmet Cheese Product Review

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Disclosure- I received the cheese samples mentioned below to facilitate my review.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.
Hi, my name is Cori and I’m a cheese-a-holic!  Ok, I might not be THAT bad but I do love cheese.  I would usually turn down dessert for cheese.  I have turned my girls on to my cheese obsession, too.  I always say that I don’t have daughters, I have mice.  We like to go to our local cheese shop to purchase pieces of a few different types of  gourmet cheeses and a nice, warm baguette.  We then sit outside and enjoy our yummy snack.  When I was at the BlogHer convention last month I discovered a wonderful brand of gourmet cheese, Sartori and I knew I had to do a review post on their delicious cheeses.
Sartori is a family owned company that has been making  artisan cheeses since 1939.  They make 3 different varieties of cheeses- Sartori Reserve, Sartori Classic, and Sartori Limited Edition.  All 3 cheese varieties are all certified rBST-free thanks to their patron farmers.  That means that all of their cheese sold at retail are free of added hormones.  As a mom, that is important to me.

sartori cheese varietiesSartori makes many different varieties of cheeses that can be found at many local grocery stores or ordered on their website.  I received Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago, Chai BellaVitano, Espresso BellaVitano, Montamore, and Extra Aged Fontina cheese to try with my family.  My favorite is the Espresso BellaVitano.  It is hand-rubbed with freshly roasted espresso and the cheese itself is sweet and creamy.  My younger daughter’s favorite is the award winning Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago cheese.  It has a nutty flavor while the Rosemary and Olive Oil that is hand-rubbed on the outside gives it a savory note, too.  My older daughter’s favorite was the Montamore because it is sweet and creamy.  But let’s not forget the Chai BellaVitano and the Extra Aged Fontina.  The Chai BellaVitano is deliciously exotic with the spiciness of the Chai that is hand-rubbed on the outside of the sweet and creamy BellaVitano.  And the Extra Aged Fontina is another wonderfully delicious cheese by Sartori.  It is creamy with a deep, rich flavor and pairs well with fruits and nuts.  I put it on a baguette with some wet walnuts and it was amazing!
I love that Satori’s cheeses are made fresh using milk from local dairies.  It goes from milk to cheese in a matter of hours.  How’s that for fresh?!?!  They have a regimented milk quality program to ensure the freshest, highest quality milk available.  Many farms have been with Sartori for generations.  It’s not just the cheese that I love about Sartori, it’s the stories behind the company and it’s cheeses.  Sartori knows cheese.  There are currently only 55 Master Cheesemakers which requires a minimum of 10 years as a cheesemaker to even enter the 3 year advanced education program.  Sartori has 4 of those 55 Master Cheesemakers on staff.  In the last 5 years Sartori has won over 140 awards in the most prestigious national and international cheese competitions and after tasting their cheeses I can see why!
You can find Sartori on Facebook and Sartori on Twitter.
Check out these videos to learn more about this amazing 4th generation family owned company:

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