Redesigning Your Home

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Have you ever sat in your home and thought, I don’t like this any more? There’s so many things that need sprucing up that it might seem like an impossible task. Some people get to this stage and decide the want to move. But this is such an expensive option. This is the house you’ve made a home. There are so many things you can do to go it a new lease of life, without having to spend too much money. There’s also a few things you can do where you may need to dip your hand in your pocket a little more. All however, will leave your home looking, and feeling brand new.



The kitchen is the most used part of the house. All the family is constantly flowing in and out of it for whatever they need. Over time, it is obvious that it needs some TLC. The first step is to give it a deep clean. Take all items such as chairs, food in the cupboards, tables etc. out of the kitchen. Start from the top and work your way up. Clean above all the cupboards with a mild bleach solution. Then move down into the cupboards, and really go to town in there. Over so many years, little spillages will have built up, along with natural aging, to create a rather nasty smell and look. Scrub away, and leave the cupboards wet whilst you clean the rest of the kitchen. Deeps clean the oven and the hob with any shop bought solutions. Spray the windows with window cleaner to get them looking brand new. Finally, mop the floor and your kitchen should be looking sparkling new. Then, take yourself shopping and redesign your kitchen. Buy different colours to change the theme, and even purchase a picture to create a feature wall.


The garden can be a little more expensive. To begin with, you need to get it looking pretty. Mow the lawn to keep it looking short and fresh. If you already have plants, dig them all up so you can start fresh. Buy any colourful fall growing plants from the shop, and begin to replant them for a brighter looking garden. Blossoming flowers always completely change the feel of a garden. If you’re looking to create more space, look to use your garden place a garage. Contact companies such as Armstrong Steel The size can be your choice, but you can convert it into whatever you’d like. A storage unit, or even just another place to escape the noise of the house.

Kids Bedroom

How many of you can say your 10 year old is sleeping in a room decorated when they were 5? It’s time to give the room a new lease of life according to age. Strip the wallpaper, or sand away the paint, and look to create a more mature room. Still focus on using brighter more exciting colours, but add things such as shelves for them to place school books on. Buy some new bedding, preferably still action themed, or girly as they are still young at heart.

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