Rating a Restaurant: Make an Assessment Before You Eat

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Going out to eat is one of life’s great pleasures. You don’t have to cook, you can enjoy better food than you’re able to make, and you can experience the atmosphere. Choosing the right restaurant can be a little stressful though, especially because you’re trusting someone else to make your food. If it’s not up to scratch, the consequences could range from disappointment to food poisoning. When you choose a restaurant, use these steps to help you out.

Read Reviews

For most people, their first stop is somewhere they can read reviews. You might look at the food column of your favorite magazine or newspaper. Or you might look at reviews on a site like TripAdvisor.

Check Their Website

You can also look at a restaurant’s own website to see what they have to offer you. Not all restaurants have a website, but many do because it helps with their marketing. Sites will often give you an indication of how upmarket the restaurant is, and what’s on the menu.

See How Their Staff Are Treated

Here’s a great indicator of the quality of a restaurant: how they treat their staff. You can do some research on this by looking at resources like Glass Door, where people report their salaries and their experience working for their employer.

Check Their Hygiene Rating

It might seem basic, but knowing a restaurant has good hygiene standards is vital. If they don’t keep their kitchen clean and practice good hygiene, it could lead to food poisoning – no matter how good the food tastes.

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