Raise Extremely Successful Children With These Four Hacks

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Parents have one goal: set their kids up for the future. For moms and dads, knowing that the children will be happy and financially independent with a loving family is bliss. There is no way to know until the future pans out further down the line, yet your parenting skills can influence the outcome.

Science has come up with an answer to the age-old problem. In fact, it has come up with several that, according to the nerds, are proven to raise successful children. Even better, you can find the list underneath. Here are the four main ones any parent can implement in their parenting style.


Make Them Do Chores

“Cheer up; it’s time to do the chores!” That’s a sentence almost every kid on the planet will dread hearing. But, they will thank you for it in the long-term when they are wildly successful. Why? It’s because doing the chores teaches kids the value of hard work. Young minds that get to coast lack a strong work ethic because they have everything handed to them on a plate. Washing the dishes shows them the link between grafting and being part of life. Don’t be a dictator though, or else the fear will negate the lesson.

Let Them Fail

Everyone knows the saying about learning from your mistakes. As an adult, you will have firsthand experience which proves this theory to be true. Understanding what went wrong and why helps a person to avoid similar errors in the future. To get to that point, you have to have the opportunity to fail. Parents love to cover their kids in bubble wrap and protect them from the world. However, allowing them to try teaches them the importance of giving their all and shooting for the stars. Plus, they learn faster because their failures come earlier in life.


Embrace Modern Life

Looking at society and the culture which exists today is difficult for parents. The previous generation is always better because it’s yours. Computers and social media are foreign, which means the dangers seem heightened. Still, it’s important to embrace modernity for the sake of your kids. Skills such as using Excel or Microsoft Office as a while are integral to a career because companies are internet-based. Public safety is another central feature too. Bosses need to understand how to keep employees safe while in the workplace or else face lawsuits and criminal charges.

Teach Them Social Skills

In the book “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell compares two geniuses. One is Robert Oppenheimer and the other is Chris Langan. The latter isn’t well known, and there is a reason: he lacked the social skills of Oppenheimer. Being able to shape different situations is the cornerstone of a successful life. People call it luck, but it’s the ability to manipulate the scenario with charm and personality. Communication is a huge part of this equation. Kids should be able to listen and respond as well as cooperate as part of a team.

Can you think of anyone successful who has these traits?

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