Quick and Easy Fashion Tips for Newbies

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Let’s get this straight: you’ve never really bothered concentrating on your fashion sense before, but you’ve decided to give it a go. Great stuff! People can tell a lot about you from the clothes you wear. Concentrating on your style is the perfect way to express your personality. Use these quick and easy fashion tips to get you started:

Make Sure Your Outfits are Balanced

The first thing you should do is learn how to balance your outfits. A balanced outfit will always look in proportion. You wouldn’t wear a long coat with a long skirt, for instance, as it would probably look out of place. You wouldn’t wear a short jacket with a short dress either, as it would look too much.

Find a Signature Style

Most of the time, it helps if you find a signature style and try to stick with it. Feel free to try different styles and trends, but most people can describe their style in a few words. It might be girly, punky, hippy…anything. It’s up to you and your personality!

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Always Feel Comfortable

You should never feel uncomfortable in something you wear. Your outfits should be so you that you don’t feel anything but comfortable in them. If you don’t feel right in an outfit, then it just isn’t for you. Your outfits say a lot about you, so remember that when picking out Islamic clothing or another style that you like.

Find Out What Suits Your Figure

People have different figures and body types, and specific styles of clothing can either enhance that or make you look out of proportion. I recommend researching the different body types and clothes that suit them. Of course you can work outside of the guidelines, it just helps to know what flatters you and what doesn’t. The same goes for colors; find out what suits your skin, hair and eyes.

Scour the Web for Inspiration

I always like to read other fashion blogs and look on Pinterest for inspiration. There will always be information out there on how to wear a specific item, so you don’t have to feel confused ever again!

Read Up on Gok Wan

Gok Wan is a fashion hero; he helps ladies of all shapes and sizes to feel good about themselves. He has a lot of books and advice out there on the web, so be sure to research him and use some of his techniques.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, step out of your comfort zone a little. I know I said you had to feel comfortable, but it might be a good idea to try on something you would never normally wear, just to see how you feel. I’ve done this with shoes before and ended up loving them! You might be surprised at the new styles and trends that you adopt.

Make sure you feel confident above all else and you’ll look amazing without fail. Leave your comments with any tips you may have.

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