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 Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PetArmor as part of a Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign.  I also received the product mentioned below to facilitate my review but all opinions are 100% my own.

 We’ve had 3 cats for a while now.  They are 100% indoor cats so when money got tight we decided to not use flea and tick prevention on them.  We figured that since they didn’t go outside, they would be safe.  Of course we were in denial because we could track those insects in but that’s a whole other story.  When we adopted our puppy, Cooper, a few weeks ago we realized that it would probably be a good idea to start using prevention on our cats, too, in case any insects hitch a ride in on Cooper.  I was given a box of 3 pipettes of PetArmor for cats as part of a Mom It Forward Blogger Network campaign and I have been pleased with the results.  It is very easy to apply PetArmor.  Simply snap off the top of the pipette, separate your dog or cat’s fur between the shoulder blades and administer the contents of the entire pipette directly to your pet’s skin and allow to dry.  One pipette will protect your pet for an entire month even after baths or showers.
PetArmor contains the same #1 veterinarian recommended active ingredient Fipronil found in Frontline brand products, provides the same protection against adult fleas and ticks, but is available for significantly less.  With 4 four legged family members in our house now it is important for us to protect our pets in the most cost effective way.  That’s why I am glad I can purchase PetArmor at my local store while I am purchasing groceries and other items.  I don’t have to worry about making a trip to our vet and I can save money at the same time.

We live in South Florida where it is warm almost all year round but many people who live in colder climates think that there isn’t a risk of  bloodsuckers like ticks, fleas and mosquitos during the fall months.   Many do not realize that these bugs stick around well into the cooler fall season.  In fact, ticks such as the American Dog Tick and the Deer Tick are more active during the transition into fall.  And of course fleas also survive happily in a nice warm home.  Dogs and cats need year round protection from these insects.  Fleas and Ticks are dangerous to both pets and humans.  Ticks carry deadly diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.  The adult stage deer tick actually begins its feeding activity about the time of first frost (or early October throughout its range) and it will latch onto any larger host (from a cat to a human) any day that the temperature is near or above freezing.  Adult female deer ticks and the Blacklegged tick can transmit Lyme Disease.   The adult stages of the Blacklegged tick begin to become active as the season changes from summer to fall.

PetArmor provides effective flea and tick protection for both dogs and cats. It kills the four major types of ticks including those that carry Lyme disease.  For more information about products that can protect your pet from fleas and ticks this fall visit You can learn more about ticks on

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