Protect Your Home From The Dangers Of The Elements

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One of the most common yet little publicized causes of degradation to a house is the weather. From damage that can be cause from the elements to creeping disasters like damp, your home might be open to all kinds of weather damage. This article is full of tips that can keep your home in top condition. From waterproofing your home and insulating everything to making it less likely to spread damp or strengthening the home. For the sake of your comfort, convenience and to keep you spending more money in future to repair parts of the home, just follow the advice below.

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It’s likely that little gaps around windows and doors have formed through the years, or as a result of poor workmanship. This can allow in drafts all over the home. Not only does this make things cooler in the winter and hotter than the summer but it can also introduce a lot of moisture. This moisture can cause a lot of interior damage down the line, so make sure you seal up any breaches by caulking them. Make sure you use the right kind of caulk for withstanding whatever weather conditions you’re likely to find yourself in.

Door draft stopper

There are often gaps at the bottom of doors that can leave space for a large draft. As noted above, this has comfort and mold issues for the home. Mould can exacerbate all kinds of respiratory problems and takes more time and money to get rid of the longer It is left to spread. Another way of dealing with is by using door draft stoppers to seal up your doors. Not only are they practical, but they come in all sorts of styles, from cutesy to elegant. Whatever fits your taste.

Insulate your attic and basement

The two parts of the home that are most likely to spread damp to the home are at the very top and the very bottom. If your home doesn’t already have it, you should look into getting insulation for your attic and basement. There are several grants to take advantage of that can make this work a lot cheaper if not entirely free. Have a look around your local government and online and see if your home qualifies for free insulation.

Insulating the water heater

Insulating your water heater doesn’t immediately prevent damp like the previous points. However, it does dramatically improve its heating efficiency. This in turn not only lowers your heating bills but also makes it a lot easier to heat up the home. Spreading cold can do a lot of damage, particularly to your pipes. For this reason, being able to maintain a good temperature in the home is one way to avoid massive fees down the line.

Metal roofing

Asphalt roof tiles can suffer a lot of damage from wind and hail over the years. Tiles might fall or, worse, be cracked, leaving your roof with an open weakness for years before you see any signs of it. Metal roofing is a long-lasting, durable replacement for asphalt. Though it is more costly and requires lightning-proofing, it lasts on average three times as long. Hail and debris can dent it, but it won’t breach the roof entirely.

Patio canopies

These fixtures are a great way to help protect your patio doors and windows. Marks and breaches can appear over the years from constant abuse of hail, wind and rain. Canopies can mitigate these damages by severely reducing the amount of direct rain and hail falling onto the patio doors and windows. Sturdy as they are, canopies are light in weight and easy to install, so it won’t be a major hassle of a renovation, either.

Exterior wall coatings

Most of the above measures deal with sealing up the interior of the home so that nothing finds it way in. However, to properly protect the home, one must also consider how to keep the exterior protected. As much unsightly damage can be done outside your home. This damage can penetrate into the home, leaving it open to all the dangers of cold and moisture already mentioned. Using wall coating is good for:

  • preventing aesthetic damage caused by damp
  • covering damage already done
  • complete insulation

Proper coatings don’t peel or flake and last twenty years or more, with companies offering guarantees to that effect, too.

Houses degrading due to the effects of nature are a reality of home-ownership. However, with the above tips, a lot more money can be saved and a lot more time passed before any more work is needed. If this has put you in the renovating, improving mood, there are a lot more home improvements you can read here.

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