Preventing & Treating Age-Related Health Concerns

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There is plenty about being older to look forward to, no matter who you are. But there are also certain aspects of the experience which are likely to be less favourable. By far, one of the areas of life that often worsen with age is one’s health. None of us want to experience ongoing health problems, and yet for many elderly it is likely to be unavoidable. Fortunately, there is usually something that can be done to prevent the various health problems which can occur in later life. And where there is not necessarily a preventative measure in place, there is still often a way to at least treat the condition. Let’s take a look at some of the main health concerns for the elderly, as well as the preventions and cures.

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Something that affects a large proportion of the elderly is arthritis. This is a condition which affects the bones; it is the most common health concern which the older generation are likely to experience, and it can lead to a great deal of pain in the long run. This pain can soon mean a much less positive quality of life, and it can be surprising just how quickly it can make a noticeable difference in this respect. The most important thing for anyone who is developing arthritis is to work closely with their doctor to ensure that they minimise the chance of it worsening over time. As for prevention: avoiding clicking knuckles and taking good exercise are both effective.


Alzheimer’s is a serious, degenerative disease which affects a lot of elderly people, and its effects can be extremely damaging, especially if left untreated. It is a disease which is caused by a combination of a number of environmental and genetic factors, and in terms of prevention there is currently research being carried out to discover whether it is possible to keep Alzheimer’s at bay using antibodies. Once it is developing already, however, the most important thing is to find some decent quality memory care, such as The level of care makes a huge difference to the ongoing quality of life of the individual affected.

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Metabolic Syndrome

According to the official statistics, about 75% of adults aged over 60 are what is considered obese or overweight. Although this is often a result of poor lifestyle decisions, possibly from many years prior, it is also true that it can be related to something known as metabolic syndrome. This is a combination of factors which put together radically increase the chances of becoming overweight. These factors include: a high waist measurement, poor cholesterol, a high blood pressure, and others. The best prevention here is ongoing care for one’s body from as young an age as possible. That way, you should be much less likely to develop this syndrome and become dangerously overweight. Exercising a decent amount, eating a good balance of foods with little to no saturated fats – these are both important in this respect, and the difference to be noted is huge. See for more information on this subject.

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