Prepaid Visa Cards From Like a Cross Between a Checking Account and a Visa Account- See How!

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cardIf you are looking for a prepaid Visa card with lots of benefits, check out the prepaid Visa cards on   Signing up for a prepaid Visa card from is fast and easy.  Almost everyone is approved in seconds, regardless of financial history, with no credit check.  These cards can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted worldwide.  It is similar to having a checking account but instead of checks you use the Visa card to make purchases.  You will get a routing number and checking number just like a regular checking account.  There are overdraft fees, no penalty fees, and no APRs.  You can use your card to withdraw cash from over 55,000 free ATMs and access ATMs worldwide.  My favorite feature is that you can load checks right from your smartphone so you don’t even have to make a trip to the bank.  It is much safe to have one of these cards in your wallet than cash because all transactions are fully FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.  They are also protected with Visa’s zero liability policy and are PCI Certified for data security and privacy. also offers free direct deposit to your card from your employer, federal benefits (like disability), and you can even get your tax refund faster if you have it deposited directly to your card.   You can easily load more money on your account via direct deposit, Western Union, bank transfer, Paypal, tax refunds, and card to card (from another card member).
There is a $5.95 monthly maintenance fee that is waived when you load at least $800 in the prior 30 days through direct deposit.  This card would be great for anyone that has a job that they can have direct deposit at least $800 per month onto their card or anyone who gets federal money over $800 per month.   If you want to close your account you can just call and they will close it for you.  If there is any money left in your account they charge $7 to liquidate your account and send you a check so I suggest using up all the money in your account first before you cancel unless you have a lot of money in there.  Then it’s worth paying the $7 to get your money back via check.  There are hundreds of styles to choose from.  I choose a cute kitty card but there are different styles for everyone.

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