Pred Forte, a Great Assistance For Conjunctivitis

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Depositphotos_18470231_m-2015Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of thin, transparent mucous membrane which envelops inner side of eyelids and visible, white part of eye known as sclera. Condition usually affects both eyes. Sometimes, it can first appear on one eye and then after a few days, it can appear on the second as well. Also, it is possible for disease to be asymmetric. In other words, inflammation or infection can be mild on one eye and severe on the other. Common symptoms of conjunctivitis are swelling, redness, watery eyes, secretion.

There are different manifestations of this disease such as bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis, neonatal conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and giant papillary conjunctivitis. It can be caused by allergens, viruses and bacteria. Between these types, allergic conjunctivitis is the most common one. When eyes come into contact with certain substances such as animal hair, pollution, dust, mold spores, plant pollen, body reacts by creating an excessive reaction to otherwise harmless agents. This translates into inflammation which causes all before mentioned symptoms.

Bacterial is especially common for children. It usually develops after rubbing your eyes with dirty hands. It is highly contagious and it can sometimes appear after a direct contact with a diseased person. Thick eye discharge is what differentiates this type of conjunctivitis from other forms. Like any other type of bacterial infection, it is possible to treat it by using medicines.

Viral form is another, highly contagious type of this disease. Viruses are spread through the air. When diseased person starts coughing or sneezing, these viruses are spread to another person leading to infection. Conjunctivitis is usually accompanied by cold or flu. Similarly to bacterial form, it will produce additional discharge. However, unlike previously mentioned type of conjunctivitis, viral disease doesn’t require medicines. Instead, patient’s condition will improve after some time. In order to reduce the symptoms, person can use medicines such as Pred Forte.

Allergic type of this disease is the most common one as previously mentioned. Like any other allergy, it is caused by substances that are present in our midst. We can recognize two major types of allergic conjunctivitis: seasonal and chronic. Seasonal usually appears during blooming season, that is from March to October. People who are affected by this allergy should stay indoors and avoid any contact with problematic matter. Strong wind increases spread of the pollen so professionals from You! Drugstore would advise patients against leaving their home during such weather. Chronic conjunctivitis affects a person during the whole year. It is usually milder than seasonal but on occasion it can be quite bothersome.

Drugs such as Pred Forte can provide a great relief for all the patients that are suffering from this condition. Medicine comes in a form of eye drops and it can reduce or eliminate troublesome symptoms such as redness, swelling and itching. Have in mind that Pred Forte cannot eliminate disease itself; it can only reduce problems associated with it. Dosage depends on patient’s condition. Individual shouldn’t use the drug for a longer period of time because it can damage the eyes.

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