Planning a Winter Break This Year? You Should

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Most people travel abroad during the summer, but there are so many advantages of doing it in the winter instead. The destinations are quieter, and if you find somewhere cold and snowy enough, it can be magical! Here’s what you should do if you do decide to take a break next winter.

Plan in Advance

Getting to your destination is the most stressful part of going away on holiday, so it’s something that needs to be planned in advance. Work out how you’re going to get to the airport, and when you do make that journey, leave yourself at least an hour more than you need. That way disruptions won’t make you miss the flight.

When you book your flights is a decision that you’ll have to consider carefully. It can often make sense to leave it late so that you can get the best bargains, but that’s a risky route to take. The safer option is to book well in advance. It’s hard to get a bargain this way, but it does give you security.

Pack Suitable Clothes

Winter breaks are often taken in locations that are incredibly cold. Of course, you could take the chance to get away from the cold at home and head for Australia, but that’s not what most people do. The most popular destinations though are in Northern Europe in places like Finland or Sweden.

This means you’ll have to tailor the clothing you pack to the environment you’re going into. Take plenty of waterproof clothing and as many layers as you can fit into your suitcases. One new idea that is capturing people’s imagination is the Travel Cardigan. It’s a form of warm clothing that also converts into a bag.

Choose Activities Suitable for Everyone

Getting the balance of activities right when travelling with the family can be incredibly difficult. Small children need to be kept interested. Otherwise, they’ll become restless, and it’ll be hard for you to enjoy the holiday too. So, sit down with the family and decide what activities you’ll do before you get there.

You shouldn’t neglect yourselves as parents though. You need to be able to enjoy the holiday and have a good time as well as the children. The trick is choosing a variation of activities. You could see if there are any day centers that can look after your children if the adults want a day out alone.

Pick Your Accommodation Carefully

If you’re taking the family away for a break, the accommodation you choose is something that will need to be thought about carefully. You don’t want to be taking your family to a hotel that has no other families because you’ll feel entirely out of place, so choose a hotel that’s advertised as family friendly.

Alternatively, you might want to ditch hotels completely and choose another form of accommodation. There are all kinds of weird and wonderful places to stay. There are ice hotels in some parts of Scandinavia. Or you could simply rent out a cabin or apartment so that you have a bit more privacy.


Going away in the winter allows you to save up your money throughout the year and end it in style with the family, so give it some thought.


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