Planning A Vacation- Five Cities You Should Visit

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It is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is true for many things. Making a list of the most beautiful cities in the world will undoubtedly be very hard. Not only do we find different things stunning, but we all have visited different places and hence, will have different experiences to draw from, when making a choice. Nevertheless, there are places that a majority of people will find interesting, beautiful and well worth a visit. Each city will have its own charm and uniqueness, giving the city its identity.


Not many people go to the Czech Republic’s capital and come back disappointed. It is a stunning city, situated by the river Vltava. Often called the city of a hundred spires, its extensive historic centre is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. There is no lack of atmosphere in the city centre, and all the sites are close enough to enjoy on foot. The most popular attraction in Prague is its castle. The Prague Castle stands above the historic town on a hill, and just so happens to be the largest ancient castle in the world. In the courtyard stands St. Vitus Cathedral, the most amazing building with a fantastic painted glass window. Back down in the historic district, you will find the Old Town. In the Old Town square, the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and the Town Hall are not to be missed. The Jewish quarters will give you a fascinating account of the history of the Jews in Prague and you will be able to visit numerous stunning synagogues.

Machu Picchu

Once you travel on Machu Picchu Tours every other experience or adventure you have will be compared to the time you strolled the ancient Incan ruins of Peru. There is more speculation than there are Llamas in Peru about the purpose of and motivation behind the construction of Machu Picchu. However, one of the most exciting and quite literally breathtaking experiences of Machu Picchu is perched just behind, it’s named Huayna Picchu.

Obviously the ruins are the main spectacle and the reason everyone makes their way to the tourist trap of Aguas Calientes. Huayna Picchu is most easily described as the large peak in the background of the ‘postcard shot’ of Machu Picchu but is, rather ironically, over-shadowed by Machu Picchu. The dizzying heights offer an unrivalled almost aerial view of the ruins and allow one to put the ruins in context amongst the surrounding mountains and valleys.


The City of Lights, or love as many romantics prefer to call the capital of France, is an amazing place. Situated by the river Seine, Paris has an endless list of attractions for every visitor. The picture perfect white fairytale-like Sacre Coeur Basilica dominates the area of Montmartre, and from here you will get breathtaking views of the city. The iconic Eiffel tour gives the skyline an edge, and the pretty cathedral of Notre Dame will impress even the harshest critic. Take a walk along the Champs-Elysees or stroll along the river Seine. Paris also makes for an ideal place to have a picnic. There are plenty of green areas, gardens and parks to sit down and soak up the French ambiance.

San Francisco

Although not at strikingly pretty as the European cities, San Francisco has its own charm. The historic trams that cross the city gives San Francisco uniqueness and are a popular pastime for tourists. The Bay area is beautiful, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge really glimmers and glistens in the sun. The skyline of San Francisco is one of the most beautiful in the world, and a great way to get a good look is to take a river cruise or go out to Alcatraz on an evening tour. There are impressive buildings in the city but none as stunning as the Painted Ladies of Alamo Square. Well worth a trip, even if it is just for a photo. If you’re looking for advice on the best sites to see and places to go, Santa Barbara Travel offers expertise on traveling both domestically to places like San Francisco as well as many of the international destinations mentioned in this article.

Andorra la Vella

An unusual city is Andorra la Vella whose tiny country, Andorra, nestles between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. If winter sports attract you then visit one of two resorts close to the capital for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the Pyrenees. Or visit the famous Caldea, a spa and swim complex with natural thermal springs keeping a huge lagoon at a constant 89F. Andorra la Vella is perhaps best celebrated for its shopping – popular because tax and duty free! Andorra la Vella is the highest capital city in Europe, with its own ancient history, a picturesque beauty in the mountains and its own unique charm.

Going to some of these places might be a dream to many but until you have the opportunity to travel to some of your dream cities you could also consider updating some of the furniture and decor in your home to reflect some of the places you’d like to travel to. Click here for some ideas of creating an oasis in your own home.

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