Pinypon Ski Lodge Product Review and Giveaway- Literally the “Coolest” Toy This Holiday Season!

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pinypon ski lodge product review
Sure I sometimes have fun playing with my girls and their toys but I haven’t been this excited about a toy since I was a child.  We received a Pinypon Ski Lodge to review and when I say this is a COOL toy, I mean it literally.  The Pinypon Ski Lodge comes with an ice skating rink that you actually add water to and freeze it so you can have your Pinypon figures really skate across the ice.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?
pinypon ice skating
So let’s get down to the review.  First I love that it is easy to remove the toy pieces from the package.  The lodge and components are secured to the box insert with just a few twisted wires so I was able to take everything out of the box in a matter of seconds.  With children who have LITTLE PATIENCE this is important to me.
pinypon ski lodge box
There are a bunch of parts to “assemble” but they are all easy things like attaching doors that just snap right in, decorating the tree and the snowman, and applying the decorative stickers.  So all the “assembly” needed is actually fun.  I was very impressed with the details of the entire play set.  The stickers that you apply to the set are so pretty and decorative but my favorite accent detail on the ski lodge is that the cardboard background is held on and attached by little plastic flowers.  I’ve never seen anything like it.
pinypon details picture
There is so much to do with the Pinypon Ski Lodge.  It comes with 3 characters who all have interchangeable parts as well as 2 different faces.  There is also an adorable puppy, lots of furniture, skis, a snowmobile, a snowman, a tree to decorate, and lots more.  There is an elevator for your characters to ride in to get to the top of the slide.  Open the gate at the top of the slide and characters can slide down on the sled, snowmobile, or even with nothing at all.  My daughter loves setting up all the little play pieces to pretend with the figures.  The knife and fork are so tiny and adorable but we do suggest playing with this set away from pets and small children because of the small pieces.
Pinypon slide
When you fill the ice skating rink with water make sure to keep it level in the freezer.  I suggest putting it flat in the freezer first and THEN pouring water slowly into it rather than walking across the room with such a shallow container filled with water.  Also, you don’t need to fill it to the top as the water will expand.  Yeah, I forgot that so our ice skating rink had a small ice hill on the side of it.  After about 20 minutes or so of playing with the ice skating rink we put it back into the freezer to refreeze the parts that melted and my daughter played with the rest of then set until it was frozen again.  I’ll admit that I don’t always like playing with my girls figures and such but I had fun playing with this set.  It was like being a little girl again.

pinypon ice skating rink2

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    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

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