Pick Me, Pick Me and Other Books From LeRue Press- Book Review

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I was recently sent several books from LeRue Press to review and my favorite one was called Pick Me, Pick Me by Elizabeth Horton.  It is a delightful story about a little boy, Miguel, who knows all the answers and wonders why his teacher doesn’t call on him for every answer.  It is a great book to help students understand how they have to wait their turn and that every student needs a chance to answer questions.  As a former teacher and a parent, I really loved the message in this book.  My two daughters loved this book as well.  They have asked for me to read it with them several nights in a row!  You can find Pick Me, Pick Me by Elizabeth Horton on Amazon.  You can also order directly from the publisher LeRue Press and the illustrator will draw a picture of Miguel and sign the book, too.

You can see an interview with the author, Elizabeth Horton, below:

LeRue Press also offers other great books.  Below are summaries I received from the publisher.  You can find more information on their website.

Naming Your Baby by Ruby Szudajski

Naming Your Baby will appeal to many parents even if they already have a name for their child. It includes the top 1000 names as compiled by the Social Security Administration, limericks using many of the names (not the bawdy, naughty type…these are all family friendly) and some meanings of name also. Written by an 86 year “young” great-grandmother, it’s a fun book and will be followed with a new edition for next year.

Bad Hair Days by D.C. Paull
What a great way to spend an afternoon, reading the escapades of Sara Blake. In her first novel, Go Girl Friday, we were introduced to Sara Blake an unlikely candidate to journey beyond Reno, NV and get into all kinds of trouble! D.C. Paull, in a Janet Evanovich style takes you with Sara while she gets into mischief.

Inked In: Shadows Between Darkness and Light by Karlyn Simone
Written by a 14 year old teenage girl, it took 4 years, but Karlyn finally saw her book in print. Now eighteen and in college, Karlyn is proud of her 1st novel. It’s full of vampires, intrigue and love.
Wicked Tides by Sean Kinsley
Fantasy doesn’t begin to describe the full effect of Wicked Tides.  Sean Kinsley takes you through an action packed adventure you won’t want to put down!
Synaptic Traffic by Benjamin Arnold
Synaptic Traffic Intersections of Prose and Poetry prompts you to find your own voice and write your own story.
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  1. rupert its ok to be different sounds like a cute book

  2. Pick Me, Pick Me would be the one I choose. It looks like a cute book I would enjoy reading to my children! 🙂

  3. 'Michelle N. Downing says:

    I think I would enjoy “Inked In: Shadows between Darkness and Light” by Karlyn Simone the most. It looks awesome

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