PaperSalt Books Product Review and Giveaway

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If you have children you have to check out PaperSalt.  They have a whole line of beautifully crafted books to share with your children.  Each book shares quotes, tips, and more to teach your children everything from table matters to being healthier.  These books are great for sitting down with your children and having some quality time discussing the different topics together.  I suggest reading a few quotes a day and really talking about what they mean and what the lesson is.

Here is a quote from one of the books- “Live so that your friends can defend you but never have to”.  My daughters and I discussed living an honest and virtuous life.
One of my daughters’ favorite things from PaperSalt is the Coupon Book for kids.  Inside there are coupons for a date night with Mom, date night with Dad, one chore free day, and even blank coupons.  My girls love earning these coupons for doing chores and more.
Here is a tip from the Dinner Table Manners Book.  Chew with your mouth closed.  My daughters enjoyed reading all the dining tips.  They compliment each other when they catch their sister doing the right thing at the dinner table and remind them when they are doing the wrong thing such as keeping their elbows on the dinner table.This is one of my favorite quotes.  “Tell your mom that you love her.  Every time you see her.”This is another great quote from the Being a Girl book.

These books are very well made.  The pages are thick and smooth.  There is plenty of room to take notes in the margins as you discuss each quote with your children.  These books will surely be passed down from generation to generation.
Check out all the books from PaperSalt.
I’ll be starting a giveaway soon where you can win your own books from PaperSalt.

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  1. Jessica Stiesi says:

    My favorites are Being a Boy and the coupon book. 🙂

  2. amanda wisby says:

    I like the me journal and kids coupons

  3. I like the ‘Me Journal’ thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  4. Stevie Nanstad says:

    Being a Boy and Kids Coupons

  5. Alison Anderson Roberson says:

    Thankyou so much for sharing this Giveaway and review. I have never heard of these before and after reading your Review I so would love to get these for my Sisters Children. This would deffintly make a Great Christmas Gift.

  6. I need the “But Why Doesn’t Money Grow On Trees”. Instead I get how much money is in your card lol. Or, the newest…can’t we use Aunt Kelly’s money? Ug.

  7. sharon miller says:

    I like them all!

  8. chrissy c says:

    My favorite is the kid coupons! My kids would think they were AWESOME!

  9. I love Being a boy and The Dinner Table. I am still working on it with my boys.

  10. Why Doesn’t Money Grow On Trees? looks like a great game!

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