Operation Blackout on Club Penguin is FREE Nov. 15 to Dec. 4- Let Your Kids Help Save The Island of Club Penguin

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My girls love playing on Club Penguin.  Have your kids played on this virtual snowy world?
Most of the time Club Penguin, the #1 free-to-play virtual world for kids, is a peaceful place where kids stretch their imaginations, explore the snow-covered island and interact with friends as penguins. But this month Herbert P. Bear, the notorious villain of Club Penguin, is threatening the serenity of the Island by vowing to redirect all the sunlight from Club Penguin to his own tropical headquarters and cause a blackout!

The Island of Club Penguin is under attack from notorious villain, Herbert P. Bear, and it is up to players to enlist as secret agents and save the Island before it is too late. Club Penguin’s #1 enemy has built a solar laser that redirects all sunlight to his headquarters on the Island, Club Herbert. As the sunlight is taken away from Club Penguin, the Island will become darker and colder eventually resulting in a blackout, unless the ‘Elite Penguin Force’ (EPF) secret agents can stop Herbert’s plans. Players will have the chance to confront Herbert for the first time, gear up with new high-tech spy gear and infiltrate the enemy fortress to destroy the solar laser and save the Island.

Rumors of Herbert’s plans first leaked when EPF agents discovered that he had set up the web domain ClubHerbert.com and created a Twitter account, @ClubHerbert, where he began announcing plans of his world domination. Herbert has since rapidly accelerated his schemes, capturing top EPF Agent G and blowing up the EPF headquarters.

Penguins that choose to accept the mission of saving the Island can:

·         Earn special ‘Elite Penguin Force’ assignments

·         Collect spy gear like plasma lasers and anti-lava boots to help infiltrate Herbert’s fortress

·         Explore the all new ‘Secret HQ’

·         Members can become masters of disguise and dress up like Herbert to sneak into his headquarters

·         Members can also buy the latest spy-inspired gadgets like the Capture Equipment, which allows penguins to throw nets to trap enemies.

Herbert’s attack comes just days after the popular Halloween Party, which led to the highest trafficked day of the year in Club Penguin. Penguins celebrated Halloween together from 217 different countries and spent more than 13 million hours dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating their way through Club Penguin’s nine-room haunted mansion.

To join the Elite Penguin Force and save the Island, penguins can visit Club Penguin.

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