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If you are an enthusiastic gamer and you fancy trying your hand at something new for the festive season, there are tonnes of amazing games to choose from in the world. For a start, there’s shoot ‘em ups such as COD and Splinter Cell to play with: you could choose a racing game such as Real Racing, or perhaps adventure and puzzles are more your thing… in that case Uncharted is perfect for you. Today though, we are going to take a quick look at some of the top open world games which are on the market at the moment, and there are some awesome picks for every type of gamer.

Assassins Creed

The Assassins Creed franchise has been one to dominate the world in the last few years and there are so many games for you to choose from and to enjoy. In these games you are an Assassin who is tasked with taking down the evil Templar Empire in different time periods.  One game you will be in renaissance Italy and the next you’ll be in Victorian London. There’s a game out there for everyone and you can take on the main missions at your own pace.

Fallout 4

For those of you who enjoy games where you have to learn to survive: Fallout 4 is the ideal pick for you. In the story you are caught up in a nuclear event which effectively ends the world, however you, your partner and son are able to stay in a bunker and are cryogenically frozen for 200 years. Your partner is killed and your son is taken, and you have to navigate a post nuclear world with your wits and get him back. It’s a great game to play because the map is huge meaning you can spend hours in one place and the next day you can be somewhere totally new.

Just Cause

This game really was a pioneer in the open world category, and suggested by the name, you can do anything at any time… Just Cause. If you feel like beating the mob and shooting it up, go for it. If you would rather drive around and cause mayhem for a few hours… the choice is yours! This game is purposely built to let you do whatever you fancy, and this is what makes it a great open world game.


Runescape is probably one of those games you played back in the day at school and it is still beloved by man people today. In Runescape you can build a character, choose what kind of creature it is and then you’ll play in an open realm with others from around the world. We would suggest to buy osrs gold when you are in gam to help you get the most out of it all, and it can be a game you get lost in for hours and hours.


The prequel of the well-loved game Skyrim is one which is just too funny to miss, and although for a serious gaming session it might not be the best choice, it is by far the most entertaining one you can play on this list. The open world of this game has been ambitiously filled with people who have conversations and get on with their day to day lives around you, but it doesn’t always go to plan. When mistakes are made it is hilarious and it is well worth having a friend or two with you when you play this game.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

For years now, the Lego games have been taking over the video game world with fantastic adaptations of some of the world’s most beloved franchises, and one of the ones which have to stand out from the crowd is Marvel Superheroes. This game has every hero you could possibly think of from Marvel Comics as well as the bad guys, and you are able to explore New York freely and complete tasks for citizens and heroes alike during the gameplay. It is a game ideal for a family and one which you could easily have some friendly rows over!


Ahh, Grand Theft Auto. We all remember a few instances where we would try to drive along with the rest of the traffic in the originals before getting bored and speeding off into the distance. For a game where you can be shooting people one minute and flying a plane the next: there really isn’t much else to say about this.


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