Nutrisystem- Weeks 2 and 3 Results- #NSNation UPDATED

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Let me start by apologizing for not updating last week.  Both of my kids were home sick for most of the last 2 weeks and my husband was also sick in the middle of all of it.  So needless to say I’ve had my hands full.  Thankfully they are all back to normal and my children are going back to school tomorrow.
I’ve been doing the Nutrisystem’s Success Select Women’s Program for 3 weeks now and I am really getting the hang of it.  I have been making sure to keep snacks handy with me when I go out so I won’t be tempted to eat things I shouldn’t.  I also usually have a Nutrisystem lunch in my purse so I don’t have to worry about not being home for lunch.  There are many ready to eat options, such as several different chocolate bars that are part of the Nutrisystem program for lunch that this is easy to do.  My favorite is the Fudge Graham Bar.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to eat a chocolate bar for lunch?!?!
 I missed posting my weigh in for week number 2 but I was 117.2 pounds for my week 2 weigh in.  That’s 1.6 pounds lost in my second week on Nutrisystem and a total of  4.8 pounds by March 12th.
This last week was a little more difficult for me in general because both kids were home sick but since I had prepared all of my veggies on Sunday night, I was able to just pull them out and add them to my meals.  Being prepared really makes things much easier.  My birthday was in the middle of last week but I didn’t really celebrate it yet since everyone was sick.  I plan on finding some healthy options when we do finally go out to dinner for my birthday.
I weighed myself  two days early this week because I wanted to make sure I got this post up.  Yesterday morning my current weight is 214.6 for a total of 9 pounds!!!  1 more pound to go until I earn my first bear.  Nutrisystem sends you a little bear for every 10 pounds you lose (like a Beanie Babies).  I can’t wait to earn my first one!
I know I am long overdue for a “before” picture but I hardly wore make up most of the last few weeks.  I will have someone take my picture for me this week now that things are getting back to normal.
On Monday, March 19th (tomorrow), Marie Osmond will be on QVC sharing her Nutrisystem favorites.  She’ll be doing two shows – one at 11:00 AM (EST) and second at 6:00 PM (EST) – to share her inspirational Nutrisystem success story with QVC and share about the program.   Please check it out!

Starting Weight- 223.6
Week 1 Weight- 218.8 (-4.8 pounds)  Total Lost: 4.8 pounds
Week 2- 217.2 (-1.6 pound) Total Lost: 6.4 pounds
Week 3- 214.6 (-3.6 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 9 pounds UPDATED W/ WEIGHT At 3 Weeks Instead of 2 Days Early
Week 3- 211.4 (-6.2 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!!!!!
And as promised here are my BEFORE pictures:

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