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I have been thinking for the last few days about what to write about for this week’s post and I decided to write about staying full.  One trick to succeeding at any weight loss program is to not let yourself get so hungry that you want to eat everything in sight.  I find it helpful to drink LOTS of water all day.  It helps keep me full and hydrated.  If I am feeling hungry between meals I first drink a glass of water to fill my stomach a little.  I wait about 15 minutes before I eat anything to make sure I was really hungry.  Often thirst can mask itself as hunger.
I also keep baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and sugar snap peas washed and ready to eat in my fridge.  Having them handy keeps me from eating things I shouldn’t.   I like to munch on them when I am cooking dinner for my family, too, so I don’t pick at their food.
Another trick that works for me is to allow myself to splurge a little in moderation.  I try not to deprive myself or else I know I will end up binging on things that I shouldn’t eat.  Instead I let myself have a little taste of things once in a while.
I know some people say to stop eating at a certain time but I like to have a snack in bed.  I try to save my snack from the Nutrisystem program and have it in bed.  I know it might be considered a bad habit but it’s part of my wind-down time and it’s what works for me.   If I already had my snack then I eat a few whole grain crackers and a 30 calorie cheese wedge to curb my hunger before bed.  That usually does the trick, too.  My husband thinks I shouldn’t be eating so late but I’ve lost almost 19 pounds so something must be working.  Hopefully I will hit the 20 pound mark next week.  Until then……

Starting Weight- 223.6
Week 1 Weight- 218.8 (-4.8 pounds)  Total Lost: 4.8 pounds
Week 2- 217.2 (-1.6 pound) Total Lost: 6.4 pounds
Week 3- 211.4 (-6.2 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!!!!!
Week 4- 210.6 (-.8 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 13.0 pounds!
Week 4- 211.4 (+.8) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!
***Took a break for a few weeks.***
Week 5- 208.6 Total Lost to Date: 15 pounds!!!
Week 6- 207.6 (-1 pound) Total Lost to Date: 16 pounds!
Week 7- 204.8 (-2.8 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 18.8 pounds!!!
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