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I want to start off by apologizing for not updating my Nutrisystem progress in a while.   I took time off from following the Nutrisystem plan during Passover because it was difficult following the plan while following the Passover dietary laws.   We were also in the process of moving into a new house during this time so everything in my life was up in the air.  I told myself I would take the week of Passover off and then the following week because that was the week we were moving into the new house.  Well two weeks turned into three weeks.  I tried to go back on the program last Monday.  I was very surprised that I had actually lost weight even though I wasn’t following the plan.  I guess some of the lessons I learned about portion control had helped but honestly, I am not really sure how I didn’t gain all the weight back during those 2 “off” weeks.
Anyway, so I went back on the plan last Monday and it was a struggle all week.  I had a hard time getting back on the program.  It’s not that I don’t like the food, because I do.  It’s just that with the new house and a million and one other things going on in my life I just didn’t have time to dedicate to myself.  It was easier to just eat what my family was eating.  Or snack whenever I felt like it.  And boy did I snack last week!  I meant to weigh myself this morning to see what damage I had done last week but I forgot.  I will have to do it tomorrow.
But today I recommitted myself to following the program.  I have not eaten non-Nutrisystem food today.  I didn’t eat everything I was supposed to but it’s a start.  Tomorrow I plan on doing my best to follow the program including eating all the meals, snacks, and vegetables I am supposed to be eating including the shakes.
Starting Nutrisystem was easy.  Restarting is the hard part.  Word of advice.  If you are on a diet and you are doing well, don’t stop.  It’s much harder to get the momentum going.  Nutrisystem has a great message board community that really helps, too.  Tomorrow I am going to make the time to spend some time on the community message board getting support, learning tips, etc.  It really helps sharing this journey with others.
Wish me luck!!!

Starting Weight- 223.6
Week 1 Weight- 218.8 (-4.8 pounds)  Total Lost: 4.8 pounds
Week 2- 217.2 (-1.6 pound) Total Lost: 6.4 pounds
Week 3- 211.4 (-6.2 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!!!!!
Week 4- 210.6 (-.8 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 13.0 pounds!
Week 4- 211.4 (+.8) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!
***Took a break for a few weeks.***
Week 5- 208.6 Total Lost to Date: 15 pounds!!!
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  1. Keep up the good work. The older you get the harder it is to loose. Been there done that. I did try the Nutrisystem food for a while and lost about 20 lbs. Couldn’t seem to get past that 20lb mark. I will be cheering you on!