Nutrisystem Update- Week 5 #NSNATION

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Well it was bound to happen sometime.  I gained weight this week but it was because I ate out a few times this past week.  My birthday was a few weeks ago but both of my children were sick so we made up for it this weekend.  I took my girls out for lunch on Thursday because they didn’t have school and I had a $30 credit to Benihana for my birthday.  Then we went out to dinner at Dave and Busters on Saturday night.  I did make good choices while I was there (brown rice and no cooking with butter at Benihana and grilled chicken and shrimp skewers at Dave and Busters), I am sure that the extra calories and sodium didn’t help with my weigh-in this week.  But no excuses.  This week WILL be better!  And I have to say that my pants are really getting loose on me so even though I gained a bit this week, I am seeing the loss in my clothes.

I am hoping to do better this week.  Passover starts Friday night so for the next week I will be doing a modified Nutrisystem diet and having matzah with my meals, etc.  Hopefully this won’t hurt my diet.  I still plan on drinking the protein shakes and following as best as I can.

I wanted to share one more thing with you.  I am amazed at the food wizardry that Nutrisystem does.  They have a grilled hamburger that is shelf stable.  When I first heard that I thought,”How is that even possible?” But the wizards at Nutrisystem figured out a way to package it by removing the water and then re-hydrating it when you are ready to eat it.  It is actually a lot yummier than I thought it would be.  But my breakfast today really had me amazed.  I had biscuits and gravy.  They came in a shelf stable package that contained two pouches- one with the gravy mix and one with the biscuit mix.  I couldn’t believe that it said I would be mixing the biscuit mix with water, forming it into a dough ball, microwaving it, and it would turn into a real biscuit but IT DID!!!  I have never “baked” in the microwave before but the Nutrisystem biscuits and gravy were really delicious and tasted just like regular biscuits and gravy.  I did toast the biscuit a bit before I put the gravy over it but it really did cook in the microwave.  Amazing!

Starting Weight- 223.6
Week 1 Weight- 218.8 (-4.8 pounds)  Total Lost: 4.8 pounds
Week 2- 217.2 (-1.6 pound) Total Lost: 6.4 pounds
Week 3- 211.4 (-6.2 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!!!!!
Week 4- 210.6 (-.8 pounds) Total Lost to Date: 13.0 pounds!
Week 4- 211.4 (+.8) Total Lost to Date: 12.2 pounds!
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