No Drilling Required (Nie Wieder Bohren) Bathroom Accessories- Product Review and Giveaway

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Want to install bathroom accessories but don’t want to drill into your tile or other wall surface?
Innovative Products Inc.
has a solution for you!  They have a whole line of No Drilling Required accessories that can easily be installed on almost any wall without drilling!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these products.  They are simple to use, look great, and make any bathroom more functional.

No Drilling Required sent me several products to try out.  First I installed a robe hook just outside my shower.  It was perfect because I had wanted a robe hook but was afraid to drill into the bathroom tile.  I was amazed just how fast and  easy the installation was.  The hook is firmly in place using the wall adapters and enclosed adhesive and it only took a few minutes.
Here is my Robe Hook review:

I also installed a new towel bar in my daughters’ bathroom which was perfect.  They already had a towel bar in their shower but it was WAY too high for them.  I was able to install the No Drilling Required towel bar easily and securely.   Even with my daughters pulling their towels off of the bar (not so gently), the bar is in place and not going anywhere.

Here is my Towel Bar review:

I will be updating with a review on the shower bar I am installing so stay tuned!!!Peel and Stick Adapter

Add Adhesive & Cure 12 hours
Install Accessory
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Want to win your own?
Innovative Products Inc. is very generously giving away a $250 certificate to purchase No Drilling Required products to one winner PLUS 20 additional winners will each receive their own robe hook!

Enter here!

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  1. Sandy Brawer says:

    What a great product !! It sounds easy to do but you made it look so easy. Great product idea.

  2. Lois Dolman says:

    OMG !!! Where were these products almost a year ago when we redecorated our new home ?? Fabulous idea. Your video made it seem extremely easy to install.

  3. Do not use this product if you expect the company to have customer service after a problem. My shower rod did not fit and when I contacted them they offered to custom make a new one for $69 additional or I could return for full refund. I decided to return for refund and after they recieved, they contacted me and said since I tried to install it they would not offer any refund at all. After many emails and requests they finally returned rod to me, which is useless since it does not fit correctly. DO NOT USE THEM i WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

    • Brian,

      We originally understood you had purchased the wrong size and just wished to return the unused product. We did offer to provide a custom cut size shower rod for an additional $10.00 charge. We would be happy to refund your original purchase however it arrived with both ends broken and the mounting hardware had been used. Sorry that you are not happy with the decision but the product was not in any condition for us to offer any refund.

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