New Years Eve- Go Out or Stay In?

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happy new year
I hardly remember the last time I went out on New Years Eve.  The first few years my husband and I were together we would go out to a show or something else fun on New Years Eve, sometimes alone and sometimes with other couples.  Then we became parents and I don’t think we have gone out on a New Years Eve since we had our older daughter who just turned 10.  A few years we had some friends over with their kids but usually they end up having to leave before midnight to take their kids home and put them to bed.  So we started a new family tradition- we make a bunch of appetizers and special foods we like and have a fun “party” for the 4 of us.  I’m excited because I now have a Sushiquik Sushi Complete Training Sushi Kit so we can roll our own sushi, too.  We play board games, watch movies, and just have some good old family fun.  This year now that my girls are 8 and 10 they are hoping to be able to stay awake until midnight.  I’m more hoping hubby can stay awake until midnight.  My girls often end up awake later than hubby on weekends.  Either way, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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What are your plans for New Years Eve?

UPDATE- January 1, 2014.  All of us were awake to ring in the new year.  Hubby did fall asleep before the rest of us though.  Read more about what else we did to celebrate the new year and teach our girls about gratitude and positive change.
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