New Pups: How to Pick the Right Accessories for a New Dog

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Next to cats, dogs are one of the most popular pets that people own. They’re loyal, friendly and offer some protection depending on the breed. They make the perfect pets to help people stay active as well because they demand to be taken outside and played with—they’re a great companion to healthy individuals.

But raising a puppy isn’t an easy job. They require a lot of love and care, and there are some essential tools and gadgets that every dog owner needs for the safety and security of their pet.

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A Collar and Leash

A puppy needs to have both a collar and a leash to prevent them from running off outside and getting lost. A collar can be both expensive and cheap depending on what type of design the owner wants, and it holds vital information such as a dog license and identification tag. In the event the dog is lost and is found by someone, it can make its way back to the owner with help from the collar.

A leash is also a crucial part of dog safety. Owners need a way to control their dog and keep it from running away on walks, and a leash is the most common way to keep an eye on a dog. The collar and leash must not be too tight that it strangles the dog, and there needs to be a two-finger gap between the collar and the neck of the dog. Check on this spacing every couple of months, and purchase new collars or loosen the current one whenever the dog has grown.

The leash can also be customised in length and design. A basic leash is fine for most owners, but it can be personalised to add some flair and style if needed. A long leash is best for a larger dog, and a short leash is enough while the dog is still a puppy.

Containment Areas

It’s normal for owners to feel bad about keeping their pets inside of a containment area, but it’s essential when training a dog. It’s important to have an area where the owner can keep an eye on their dog, such as a comfortable play area or den. There needs to be a dog bed, food and water bowls, and entertainment such as toys for the dog to stay occupied.

Owners also need to purchase a crate for their dog. It needs to be sturdy but light enough to carry with a dog inside, such as a Proselect Empire Dog Crate. It’s useful for taking a dog to the vet or to keep it safe inside of transportation. They can usually be fitted with comfortable furnishings like a blanket or pillow so that the dog doesn’t feel caged.

Grooming Supplies

Items like a blow dryer, a brush and comb are necessary to keep the dog’s coat clean and free of dirt and bugs. It’s also important to purchase a specialised pair of clippers to keep the dog’s toenails trimmed, and a specialised brush to help keep the dog’s teeth cleaned. Dog grooming tools and supplies should be kept inside a plastic storage box for ease of storage and use.

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