NeatReceipt Scanner Product Review

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neatreceipts scanner I was so tired of all the clutter around my house and I was looking for a better way to get organized.  I was always losing important papers, receipts, etc.  I have a drawer that is overflowing with receipts but they aren’t organized in any way so if I need a particular receipt it takes forever to find it.  And it wasn’t just receipts, it was important papers, mail, etc., too.  I was wasting so much time looking for things that should have been easy to find.  Time is precious to a busy mother so I knew I had to find a solution.  That’s when I found the NeatReceipt scanner.
neat receipt2
The NeatReceipt scanner is more than just a scanner, it is a digital filing system.  You start by installing the software that comes with the NeatReceipt scanner.  Once installed you can set up folders within the software for every member of your family, different categories and types of documents you will be storing, etc.  In my filing cabinet I initially set up a folder for each of my family members and also a folder for receipts so we can keep track of our spending.  Now that I have been using NeatReceipt for a while I have added more folders as I have needed them.  For example, my daughter was bitten by our neighbor’s dog.  I created a folder for all the medical forms, bills, hospital reports, etc. so I can have it all in one place.  I have also created folders for recipes, holidays, and so much more.  The NeatReceipt is AMAZING and I am not sure how we lived without it.
You can scan on the go, too.  The NeatReceipt doesn’t require a power outlet to work.  Simply attach it to your computer’s USB and you’re ready to scan no matter where you are.  It is slim, lightweight, and fits easily in your bag, laptop case, etc.

neat receipt
You have the choice of scanning items as receipts, documents, or contacts, or you can have the NeatReceipt auto-select what type of item you are scanning.  When you scan receipts, the NeatReceipt reads and adds the information for you such as vendor, category, date, payment type, and more.  You can also manually add the information as well.  The NeatReceipt also fills in your contact’s
information for you when scanning business cards as well.
neat receipt3
When you scan a receipt, documents, etc. you can then view your entire receipt or zoom to see specific parts which makes using the NeatReceipt very easy.
neat receipt5
You can search all of your documents for key words, phrases, etc., not just the titles.  This is great when you know a word that would be found in the document but you aren’t sure what the title is.  I was able to search for blankets I purchased by using the word fleece because I knew that they were fleece blankets.  I wasn’t sure what store I had purchased them from but NeatReceipt was able to find the correct receipt for me.
neat receipt4
Trying to figure out where your money is going?  With the NeatReceipt software you can create custom reports.
neat receipt6
Like collecting recipes and crafts?  You an import pictures of recipes, crafts, ideas, etc. and store them in your folders.  I often find crafts and recipes that I like in magazines.  I try to save them but I lose the magazine, forget which month I saw them in, etc.  With NeatReceipt I can scan in pages from magazines to easily save, store, and organize all the great recipes, crafts, ideas, etc. that I find.
neat receipt7
You can also save things you find on the internet as .pdf files and import them into your folders.  For example, I found some great recipes I liked on a website so I saved the web page as a .pdf file and imported in into my recipes folder.  Easy peasy!
neat receipt9
Another favorite use for our NeatReceipt is scanning all of our daughters’ assignments as soon as they walk in the door from school.  No more missing assignment sheets.  I don’t scan things that are due the next day if I know that my girls aren’t taking the sheets anywhere but for long term assignments, things that aren’t due for a few days, project instruction sheets, etc. I scan, scan, scan.  Now my girls can’t say they can’t do their homework because they don’t know where it is or what they have to do.  NO MORE EXCUSES!!!
neat receipt8
And of course you can scan your children’s art work if it is 8 1/2 x 11 or smaller.  You just have to be careful with artwork that has crayons on it because it can gunk up the rollers of the scanner.  I scanned my daughter’s picture that had a lot of crayon on it and the documents I scanned right after had a line down them.  It was easy to remedy though by using the cleaning sheets that come with the scanner.

Neat brings scanned documents to life, using Intelligent Text Recognition technology to read and understand key information, then automatically organizing what it sees. The resulting digital files are useful and usable – easy to find, easy to access, and easy to share.

Neat reads and extracts the information from whatever you scan. Receipts become digital records with vendors and amounts, business cards become digital contacts, and documents become fully keyword searchable.

Create tax or expense reports with your receipt data, or export to Excel®, Quicken®, or TurboTax®. Sync your contacts with Outlook® or Address Book. Find what you need with a keyword, and organize it however you like.

NeatDesk comes with a free 30-day trial of NeatCloud, which allows you to sync and back up your Neat files, and access them anywhere with your browser or mobile device.*

*Available for iOS devices and Android phones.


  • Lightweight, portable scanner

  • Scans in color, greyscale, or B&W CIS

  • 600 dpi maximum resolution

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) + Intelligent Text Recognition (ITR)

  • Speed: approximately 3-4 receipts per minute

  • Scanning Range: 1” x 1” to 8.5” x 30”

  • Scanner Dimensions: 10.8”W x 1.6”D x 1.3”H

  • Weight: 10.6 oz

  • USB powered, no external power supply needed

  • Factory calibrated

  • Image capture support for scanning into other imaging applications

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