myCharge Peak 600 Charger Review

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myCharge Peak 600 Charger

Technology is all around us.  We have cellphones, tablets, mp3 players, and so much more.  And all these devices have one thing common, they need power.  My girls like to use my iPad and my Kindle Fire but they often forget to put them on the charger when they are done.  Then when we’re going to a doctor’s appointment or somewhere that I need to keep them busy, I grab the devices and often the batteries are drained.  Now I have a solution to my power problems.   The myCharge Peak Amp 6000 Rechargeable Power Bank!

mycharge peak 6000
myCharge Peak Amp 6000 delivers instant power in a compact, ergonomic design. You can charge three devices simultaneously, including tablets.  And 6000mAh battery power equals over 27 additional hours of talk/text/chat time!  The myCharge Peak 6000 is easy to charge.  It has retractable prongs for ultra-fast wall charging (about 4 hours for a total charge) or use the built-in USB charging cable to charge from your laptop (about 13 hours).  It has a built-in Apple Dock connector to charge your Apple devices as well as a built-in Micro-USB connector.  Plus there is a USB port to connect any other device with a standard USB cord.  I like how all the cables are labeled in or out so you know if it is the cable to plug into your laptop to charge the myCharge Peak Amp or the cable to plug into your other devices to charge them.  It takes the guesswork out of charging.

It works on tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, eReaders, Bluetooth headphones, GPS systems, and lots more.  I was able to charge my shower radio with it.  They suggest charging it every 3 months when not in use but in my house we’ll be using it all the time so that won’t even be an issue.  Another cool feature is that it has voice and sound notifications (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese).  When it is done charging it audibly tells you.  Then when you plug each device in it lets you know that a device was plugged in and is charging.  If you want to turn the voice off and switch to just a tone or silent, you can do that, too.  When you are charging an Apple device you can still sync with iTunes, too.  There is a level check button that lets you know how much power is left in the charger so you’ll always be ready with a charge.  The myCharge Peak Amp is a MUST HAVE for anyone with electronics like tablets, smartphones, etc.!
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