My Top Tips For Organizing Your Garage

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I don’t know about you, but my garage is used as a dumping ground for all the old junk we no longer want in the house. Because garages are big open spaces, often we use them dump stuff – they’re easy targets for using to get rid of clutter.

Whether you use your garage to store your children’s old toys, your husband’s tools or anything else for that matter, it should be organized. No matter how messy your garage is if you put in the time, you can get it sorted out. It might take some hard work, but it is doable.

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To help you get your garage in good order, I thought I would share my top organization tips with you, here:

Get rid of clutter

First things first, you need to get rid of any clutter from your garage. It might take some time, but it’s worth putting in the effort, to get rid of any junk that you don’t need. If you have lots of stuff that you no longer want but is in good condition, hold a yard sale.

While you could take everything to the dump, if you are able to make a little money from your old junk, try to sell it. You can then use this money to put towards storage for your garage.

Use the walls and ceiling as storage space

This may sound a little odd, but hear me out. If you plan on using the garage for parking your car in, it’s crucial that you take advantage of all the non-floor space you have. You might not realize it, but you can actually, get a lot of storage space out of your garage walls and ceiling.

If you have a look online, you should find lots of garage storage options that can be used on the walls and ceilings. These shouldn’t be too expensive either.

Remove everything from your garage

Once you have got your storage equipment in place, remove everything from your garage to organize it. You can then work out exactly, where each item should go. You will find organizing the space much easier if you have a blank canvas to work with.

As you are organizing the items from your garage, put them into groups depending on what they are for. For instance, have an area for all of your tools, an area for all sports equipment, and an area for all old belongings. Doing this will make it easier for you to find items when you need them.

Have different zones

Inside the garage, create different zones. If you are using your garage for more than storage, it’s a good idea to section off the space into different areas. This will make getting the area organized easier so that you can use each section more easily.

For example, perhaps you could have one area for storing things, another for working and another for keeping your car.

If you want to get your garage organized, take note of these tips.

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