My Toilet Won’t Flush – What Now

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A toilet that won’t flush is a disturbing problem in any home. Finding a solution is a matter of urgency. For people who are often relied upon to figure out what the problem is before a decision to call a plumber can be reached, having the plumbing info necessary to deal with this nightmare is extremely crucial. In this article, we will cover the most common causes of flushing problems with your toilet as well as how you can fix them.

A Clogged Toilet

Often times when people use too much tissue paper, the result is a clogged toilet. The toilet paper clogs the pipe, making it impossible to flush the toilet. To solve this problem, you will need a toilet auger or a toilet plunger. Using the toiler auger, push the waste forward and into the outer drainage system or create suction using the plunger and dislodge the paper waste blocking any flushing action from succeeding. For people who might be experiencing regular clogs, consider switching to a thinner tissue paper, especially if your family members tend to use lots of it every time they use the toilet.

A Faulty Lift Chain

There are times when the lift chain has excessive slack. As a result, it is unable to lift the flapper. If the flapper is not raised, the toilet will not flush. This issue is quite easy to solve. You just adjust the chain’s length, shortening it enough to provide sufficient pull to lift the flapper off, making it possible for the water in the toilet tank to flow when you pull the handle.

Low Water Level in Tank

The level of water in the toilet tank should remain approximately an inch below the mark of the toilet tank’s overspill tube. When you find the tank low on water, the first place to check is the valve. Someone may have turned off the water valve accidentally. In this case, turning it back on will solve the problem. After turning it on, wait for the cistern to fill with water and flush again. Observe whether the problem persists.

The Rubber Flapper Is Warped or Bent

Remove the lid of the toilet tank and carefully examine the toilet’s rubber flapper. By design, the flapper should release water every time someone flushes the toilet. The rubber flapper is also supposed to close the intake hole after the tank fills with water. This mechanism is designed to prevent water leaking or overflowing from the cistern. In the event that the rubber flapper is too warped or bent, just buy another one. Flappers are quite cheap. You can buy them in practically any hardware store you walk into.

Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to watch your toilet issues helplessly waiting for the plumber to arrive. You should only call plumbing professionals when it becomes apparent that expert help is the only way out of the situation. And for the most part, you will have the necessary skills and tools to deal with these common challenges with your toilet yourself.

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