My Nutrisystem Journey- Week One Results- #NSNation

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If you recall I started on the Nutrisystem’s Success Select Women’s Program last Monday.  (see my previous post here)
I need to get my hubby to take a “before” picture because I already started losing weight and I want the picture to show my weight loss.  But by the time my husband comes home from work each night I am looking too frazzled to take a picture.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself but I think it’s more of a fear to get IN FRONT of the camera.  I have avoided being in front of the camera for a while now because I am the heaviest I have ever been.  I think subconsciously I just haven’t wanted to see and face the truth.  But I promise the truth starts now.
Here goes- My starting weight last Monday February 27th, 2011 was 223.6 pounds.  ACK!!!!  I know my mother and sister will probably comment about how I just put my weight out there for all the world to see.  But the only way I am going to get through this is with the support of my readers.  And I want to be a source of support and inspiration for my readers, too.  So there it is.  My highest weight ever.  But I hope to never get that high again.  I promise I will have my husband take a “BEFORE” picture of me this week, too.

So now to the nitty, gritty of the  Nutrisystem’s Success Select Women’s Program.  I find this a simple program to follow but then again I did well with the other popular prepackaged food diet a few years ago and lost 50 pounds.  This time the trick will be KEEPING the weight off!  Anyway, each day starts off with a Nutrisystem breakfast.  I get to choose from cereal, muffins, pancakes, omelets (which I LOVE because I add my own veggies to them), bars, and more.  I also get to have a yummy protein shake with breakfast.  The shake comes in strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors but I add sugar free, calorie free flavoring syrups to mine sometimes to change the flavor.  Vanilla with raspberry syrup added is really yummy but looks like Pepto Bismol.  I get to have a Power Fuel between breakfast and lunch.  This can be a some nuts, nut butter, lean mean, and many other items with protein.  Then I have a Nutrisystem lunch with another Power Fuel.  My afternoon snack is a Smart Carb.  That can be a piece of fruit, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, and more.  Dinner consists of a Nutrisystem meal and another Smart Carb.  And then I am also allowed one Nutrisystem dessert per day which includes both sweet items such as ice cream and cake and savory items such as popcorn and pretzels.
Throughout the day I drink at least 8 glasses of water.  I usually add some lime or lemon juice and Splenda in it.  I also make sure to add at least 4 servings of vegetables which is easy for me.  I usually start the week sauteing lots of veggies so they are ready when I need them all week.  Plus I eat raw baby carrots when I am hungry and a salad now and then.  I also bought a hot air popcorn popper on Amazon with gift cards I earned on Superpoints and I am allowed a few cups of hot air popcorn a day as part of the 3 “extras” I am allowed.
I have been pleasantly surprised that I have liked most of the meals.   I love the omelets for breakfast.  My favorite lunch is the steak and cheese melt and the Steak Tagliata is one of my favorite dinners so far.  The chocolate cake dessert is yummy, especially with fresh strawberries on it and the popcorn came in handy at the movies last night.  The only meal so far that I haven’t liked is the meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  I also don’t love the ice cream.  It tasted too fake to me.  Other than that, everything has been great so far.

Here are some of my tips-

1. Put the Nutrisystem meals on a plate and add veggies to the plate looks full.
2.  If you aren’t really hungry but you want to keep your mouth busy, chew some sugar free gum.  When I went with my family to see Phineas and Ferb they wanted some food and I had to sit in the middle of the 3 of them passing french fries back and forth.  They smelled great but I popped a piece of gum in my mouth and just watched the show.
3. If you think you are still hungry after a meal, drink some water and wait first.
4. Drink a glass of water before your meal so you aren’t so starving when you start.
5. BE PREPARED!  Make sure you have your meals and snacks with you.   Keep a shelf stable meal with you during the day in case you don’t make it home to have a frozen meal.  Also, by keeping allowed snacks handy, you won’t be tempted to eat the wrong thing.
6. Cut up and prepare your veggies when you get home from the store.  You are more likely to eat them if they are already washed, cut, cooked, etc.
I should be getting 3 ten minute exercise sessions per day.  So far- eh, not so much!  But I plan on changing that really soon.  I have a membership to 24 Hour Fitness so I hope to start working out again.

And now for the big moment- My 1 week weigh in.  I weighed myself yesterday since yesterday was the one week mark.  As of yesterday morning I am down to 218.8 so just under 5 pounds lost this first week!  I am SOOO excited and I hope to continue to lose the weight, gain better health, and share my journey with all of you.

Week 1- Lost 4.8 pounds 

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  1. So happy for you. I agree nutrisystem is a wonderful program. I used it and lost over 100 pounds. My favorite was blueberry muffin;) congrats on your progress so far. Keep up the good work. Please keep us posted on your journey:)

  2. Hi there! I’m Amy (a #NSNation Fellow Blogger!) We aren’t that far off from each other on our plan 🙂 I love your tips!

    Congrats on the 5lb loss!
    Looking forward to hearing the rest of your journey! And get that picture taken, dangit!! Then maybe I will 😉

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