Must-have Items for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Getting ready to become a parent is an exciting time, but it can be difficult and daunting too. As well as putting up with morning sickness and mood swings, you have to prepare your home for the impending arrival. Top of your list of priorities may be getting your nursery ready.

Knowing exactly what to buy for this room can be tricky. There are so many products available these days and unless you’re careful you can end up spending a fortune. To help ensure you cover all the basics without busting your budget in the process, take a look at this guide to must-have nursery items.


For such small things, babies sure do have a lot of stuff. It’s amazing how many clothes, toys and accessories tots need. To ensure your nursery doesn’t descend into chaos, you’ll need storage – and plenty of it! Don’t worry if you’re lacking square footage in this part of your home. By being savvy, you should be able to cram enough storage into the room.

Full-height shelving will help you to make optimal use of all the vertical space on offer. You can also get storage boxes that double up as seating.

A Crib


cribImage by Valentina Powers  

Of course, no nursery is complete without a crib. This is possibly the most important item you’ll get, so it’s important that you make the right choice. If you’re unsure which model to go for, simply check out a good pregnancy resource online.

Any crib you select should conform to current safety standards. You’ll also need to think about special features. For example, some of these items come with a storage drawer. It’s also possible to get convertible versions that turn into toddler beds. These may cost more upfront, but they could save you cash in the long run.


A crib mattress is an essential item too. This should be firm and comfy for your little one. Ideally, it will be lightweight too. After all, you’ll find yourself manoeuvring the item at all times of the day and night in order to change the sheets. For safety, the mattress should fit snugly up to the rails of the crib.


Another must is a baby monitor. These products make it much easier to know when your tot is stirring and in need of attention. They also offer peace of mind. You’ll need to decide whether to go for straightforward audio versions or to get monitors with video functions too.

Changing Mat

If you have the space and your budget will accommodate it, you might want to get a special changing table for your nursery. At the very least though, you’ll need a mat. Changing babies can be a messy business, so these items are essential.

Once you’ve got your storage, crib, mattress, monitor and mat, you can rest assured you’ve covered the basics for your nursery. Of course, there are lots of extras you can get too. Always bear in mind though that when you become a parent, your friends and family will swamp you with baby gifts.


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