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moxie girls poopsy pets reviewMy girls have been Moxie Girlz fans for a while.  They are adorable fashion dolls with a positive message of being true to yourself.  They are confident and have the courage to go after their dreams.


When my girls heard that Moxie Girlz™ came out with a line of pooping pets my girls jumped at the chance to check them out.  Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pets are cute—and just like magic, they have silly poop- rainbows, glitter, or jewels! Avery’s pet koala poops jewels and Lexa’s pet bunny poops glitter!

moxie girlz poopsy petsThe “poop” can be used with all 3 of the Poopsy Pets so my girls shared the “poop” that came with each of their dolls.  Simply put the “treat/poop” into pet’s mouth and then press down the pet’s bottom and the “poop” will come out.  Yes, a little gross thinking that you have to put the “poop” in the pet’s mouth but my girls didn’t mind.  And besides, it is pretty “poop”.

Moxie girlz poopsy pets 2These Moxie Girlz have the same interchangeable shoes/feet that other Moxie Girlz have so you can trade their feet for other Moxie Girlz feet.  Each doll comes dressed in an adorable outfit and has a pet, leash, and bag of special treats/”poop”.
Check out all things Moxie Girlz on the Moxie Girlz website.

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