Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots Product Review

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When I told my daughters that we were going to receive a Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots Moshi House I didn’t anticipate just how excited they would be.  I will admit that I don’t know much about Moshi Monsters.  I know my kids love playing with them online in their online world but I don’t know all their names, etc.  My kids on the other hand know all about them.  As soon as we took the toy out of the package my daughter let me know that one of the flowers is a mystery flower (whatever that is! LOL).

My girls immediately opened the package and began to put the house scene together.  It was very easy for them to snap the pieces together into different configurations.  I think their favorite part was turning on the cute little Bobble Bot and letting him go.  The set kept my daughter’s interest for a while.  They took it apart several times, changed the house, and made the base in different shapes.  All of the garden shapes were fun to move around.  While I have 2 daughters I think this would be great for boys as well.

The set comes with a  special codes to use online on the Moshi Monsters Website and my girls were quite excited about that.  It’s great that one of my girls can be playing with the set while the other one can be playing online on the Moshi Monsters website using the special code.
My girls are already asking me to purchase other sets for them so they can connect the sets and create one big town.  The pieces are high quality and withstood my two girls pulling it apart multiple times without breaking.
You can find the Bobble Bots sets at many of your favorite stores as well as on

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