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Monsters University In Theaters NowMy family and I got to attend a pre-screening of  Monsters University earlier this week and we all loved it.  It was the perfect movie for both children and adults to enjoy together without the fear of having to cover your children’s ears or explaining things to them after.  There were lots of funny parts that made us all laugh out loud.
We were all eagerly anticipating Monsters University as Monsters Inc. is one of our favorite family movies.  We love Mike and Sully (and Boo of course even though she wasn’t in this movie since Mike and Sully met her years after this movie takes place).  I even painted a portrait of Sully and Boo on canvas a few years ago.
37671_411828006769_1899986_nMonsters University takes place years before Monsters Inc., when Mike and Sully first meet in college at, well you guessed it, Monsters University.  I hadn’t really thought about what Mike and Sully might have been like back in college but I was surprised to see that they we not only NOT friends but they were actually enemies when they first met.  Mike had been dreaming about going to Monsters University and being a scarer since he went on a school field trip to Monsters Inc. when he was a little guy.  He was a small guy that got bounced around and not taken seriously but he was determined to become a scarer.  Mike on the other hand came from a long line of scarers and thought he could just use his family name to get ahead without actually trying.
These two enemies have to ban together with the help of a few other unlikely heroes to try to get back into scarer program.  It was great to see Mike and Sully’s friendship develop over time and watch them finally work together to achieve their goals.
Monsters University is a fun movie about determination, friendship, working together, and of course the fun of college life.  It is a great movie to take your whole family to as there is something for everyone.  Don’t miss Monsters University in theaters now!
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