Micro Charger Stunt Track Product Review

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Micro Chargers Electronic Quick Charge Cars by Moose Toys raced into our home.  We were sent a loop stunt track set that included the track and one stunt car.  It was very easy to assemble and can be configured in different configurations.  Each piece attaches the next with a special plastic tab.  It is so easy that both my girls can take the track apart and put it back together again.
The cars are so cute and tiny but don’t let that fool you.  They are FAST!!!!

The cars charge up in a few seconds and can go as fast as 600+ mph!!!  Don’t take your eyes off of them as they zip by on the track.

Choose your car, choose your track, and let them go!  The stunt tracks have the cars perform gravity defying stunts.  Launch your race car on the race track and watch them race around the track.  Race multiple cars to see which one is the fastest.  The cars with the red bottoms are the stunt cars and cars with the blue bottoms are the race cars.  Collect them all!

I didn’t know if my girls would like Micro Chargers because cars aren’t something that they regularly play with but they LOVE playing with them.  I think it’s because they are so fast and tiny.   The Micro Chargers launcher pack would make a great stocking stuffer.  You can find them at Target, KMart, Toys R Us, and other toy stores.
Watch them in action below:

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  1. Brandon got this set for his birthday & the batteries died after running the cars a handful of times around the track. Did you find that your batteries died quickly?

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