Meridane Jewelry Review

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Sometimes companies contact me to do product reviews.  With this review, I contacted them.  I recently saw another blogger do a review for a Meridane pendant necklace and I just had to check it out for myself.

Meridane is a family owned company and everything about it has meaning.  For example, the name of the company, Meridane, comes from the name of the designer’s children- Merida and Dane.  But let’s get back to the pendant that caught my eye.

The story about how the pendant came to be is a very meaningful one.  Sally Short, Merida and Dane’s mother, created the design based on one special phrase- LOVE IS ALL U NEED.  Sally was doodling and wrote all the letters to this special phrase one on top of the other and then added a peace sign on top.  She liked how it looked so she sent the design off to be cast in silver.

When her children came home for the holidays and saw her beautiful pendant they noticed that when it was turned on it’s side they could see the letter “K” in it.  Knowing that there was no “K” in the phrase, LOVE IS ALL U NEED, they decided to see what other letters might be hidden in the design.  Lo and behold they were able to find ALL 26 letters and the numbers 0-9 plus the original peace sign in the symbol.  They were all hiding in plain sight.

What this meant was that this charm could mean anything to anyone.  You can create your own personal message.  You could even change it every day.  I am a sentimental fool so this really caught my eye.  One day I put the pendant on and when someone asked me what it meant I told them it spelled out my daughters’ names.  The next time I wore the pendant I was feeling a little down so I decided that my pendant said,”You can do it, Cori”.

I love that about this piece.  It can mean anything, to anyone, at any time.  They even include a blank guide for you to write a message to the person who you are giving the pendant to.  It can spell, I LOVE YOU or WILL YOU MARRY ME or I WILL SURVIVE, just to give a few ideas.

This Meridane pendant would make a great gift for either a man or a woman because it comes in many styles.  It is sold as a pendant, bracelet, charm, or earrings.  You can also choose between silver, gold, bronze, wood, acrylic, and pewter finishes.  With such diversity it can be worn by males, females, young or old.  I LOVE that!

Here are some examples of the different styles available.

Check out the Meridane website to purchase your own Meridane jewelry!

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