Meghan Trainor and My HP x360 Inspire 4 Things That Make Me Happy

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I am so excited to be teaming up and writing this post on behalf of HP x360 and Meghan Trainor.
bend the rulesI am all about technology.  I love all things electronic.  As a blogger I need to stay connected and I like to be able to work from any place in my house.  The HP x360 helps with that.  It has a range of 360 degrees so it #BendsTheRules and is very versatile.

The 4 modes that the HP x360 goes into helps me (and my family) throughout our day.

hp 360 laptop modeThe most obvious way to use my HP x360 is in LAPTOP MODE.  As a blogger I love the freedom of being able to blog from anywhere.  I have a desk that I sometimes work from but I can’t see the television from my desk.  I also like to be sitting with my girls on the couch but still be able to work if I need to.  I love taking my HP x360 with me on the couch and either using it on my lap or using a tray table as a mini desk so I can watch television while I work.  It is so light weight that it is easy to take it anywhere with me.
HP 360 TentI’ve been in a dinner idea slump lately.  My girls aren’t very adventurous when it comes to eating new things for dinner, we were all getting tired of eating the same things, and when I was making new things my girls weren’t giving them a fair chance and tasting them.  It is so frustrating to work hard on a new recipe only to have it rejected by my children just because of how it looks.  I’ve found recently that if they help me come up with dinner ideas and prepare it, they are more likely to give dinner a chance.  I love putting my HP x360 in TENT MODE to search for recipes and follow new recipes with my girls while we’re in the kitchen.  We find a recipes together and with the laptop in Tent Mode we can cook and follow the recipe as well.  I love that we can turn it horizontally or vertically to suit our needs.
stand modeMy girls love using my  HP x360, too.  In STAND MODE my girls can comfortably watch their favorite shows and videos and I don’t have to worry about them pushing buttons, getting into files I don’t want them to, etc.  With BeatsAudio™ and dual speakers optimized for use in any position, the HP Pavilion x360 has great sounding audio for all that we watch.
tablet modeTABLET MODE is so convenient for us, too.  My girls like to snuggle in their oversized chair with my HP x360 in tablet mode and watch their favorite videos or read their favorite books.  The touch screen makes it easier for all of us to use and because the screen it so much bigger than our regular tablets, the viewing experience is so much better.  Now we can take the fun wherever we want.

bend the rulesHP has teamed up with Meghan Trainor for her #ThatBassTour.

This February & March, HP is going on the road with Meghan Trainor to cover her entire US tour. From Vancouver to Nashville, they’ll have a camera crew and some of their favorite Meghan Trainor fans from her Lips Are Movin’ video to help bring the tour to life—check it out here!

When I need a little pick-me-up to make me smile and brighten my mood I often turn to YouTube to watch some videos and chill-out for a bit. Inspired by the 4 modes of my HP x360, here are 4 of my favorite types of videos to watch on YouTube when I want to chill-out.

Little Children:

Puppies and Kittens:


Other Random Videos That Make Me Happy:

What do you like to do to make yourself happy?

This #BendTheRules moment was brought to you by HP.

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