MakIt Personalized Art Plate Review and Giveaway

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makit girlsMy daughters and I had the unique opportunity to create our own plates with a MakIt Personalize Art Plate Kit.  Each kit comes with a set of markers to use on the templates and 25 blank templates- plenty to come up with multiple designs, get lots of practice, etc.  Once the templates are completed simply return them to MakIt with the special prepaid certificate and MakIt turns your template(s) into beautiful 10 inch, break-resistant, durable melamine plates.  The plates are nontoxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe.  Do not put them in the microwave and do not use a rough sponge on them and you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.
My daughters loved each making a special plate for me for Mother’s Day but the plates would also make great Father’s Day gifts.  After they finished with their drawings for my Mother’s Day plates they each said they wanted to have a special plate of their own.  My older daughter drew her own designs on her plate and she asked my younger daughter if she could make a special plate for her, too.  What a nice sisterly offer!  So that’s what she did.  She designed a special plate just for her little sister to enjoy.
It was exciting when a few weeks later we received the package with the plates.  My girls were not only excited to see their finished products that were created from their design templates but my younger daughter was excited to see what her sister had created for her.  These plates make such a fun and personal gift.
makit plates2Each MakIt plate kit is normally $17.99 which includes shipping on the finished product but from now until Jun 31st you can get these great plates for $12.99 by clicking here.  You can also purchase additional plates at a reduced price (see below).

Additional Plate Pricing:
2-3 plates   $11.99
4-9 plates   $  9.99
10+ plates   $  6.99
birthday plate The surprises didn’t stop with my daughter’s surprise plate.  I got in on the action, too.  I designed a special “Happy Birthday” plate that we will be using to celebrate each family member’s birthday.  When it is someone’s birthday in our family they will get to choose their favorite meal and I will serve it to them on this special “Happy Birthday” plate.  I had started this idea several years ago with a plate that I had painted at one of those paint your own pottery places but it broke after only one use. 🙁  I was excited when I realized that I could start this tradition again with a MakIt plate that is break-resistant.  I can’t wait until the next birthday to start the tradition again.  What traditions do you have in your family?
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  1. family reunions every year

  2. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    We have a 4th of July cookout every year.

  3. Drothy Teel says:

    Tradition the one we share is opening christmas presents on christmas day…not christmas eve…LOL and eating at my house at least one time a month…

  4. michelle oakley warner says:

    we have aa big get together in the middle of the summer and we bbq and go swimming, we have a blast seeing each other

  5. We speak to each other on EVERY holiday no matter where in the world we are.

  6. Family dinners for birthdays.

  7. Michelle Tucker says:

    Well, instead of a christmas feast we have lots of snacks and sit around watching movies. It’s so much fun and no one is stressed about making a huge meal.

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