Making Happy Teenagers

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If you have children between 13 and 18, chances are they are experiencing some of the many issues the average teenager comes across. However, no matter where they are in this 5-year process (although it may be longer or shorter), there are ways to help them through. Here are a handful of suggestions. Pick one or try them all; the choice is yours. But whatever you choose, remember that the benefit is for more than just them. Happier teenagers make for a happier home, and any improvements in mood will positively impact you and others in the house as well.

Give Them Time Off

They get up early every weekday to go to school and then spend all day learning. They’re learning to cope with lots of different pressures, from dating to exams. The teenage life is rarely an easy one, and in fact, can be very exhausting. This is why your teenager needs a bit of time off every now again. This could be excusing them from washing up one night a week, or arranging for them to go on a day-trip with their friends. Just as adults need to recharge our batteries, so do our teens. A bit of time off will revitalize them for the next day. Their energy levels will raise and their moods will improve.

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Arrange Creative Therapy

From arts and crafts to outdoor pursuits and theater, the creative arts can be highly impactful on teenagers. This is no matter their attitude or nature. Take Wilderness Therapy For Troubled Youth, for example. These programs are all about empowerment, improving the choices the kids make and teaching them ways to cope and break bad habits.

Meanwhile, joining a local amateur dramatics society can help boost the self-esteem of a particularly shy teen. Or, if you’re kid struggles to make friends as they have less mainstream interests, get them involved in a group that nurtures this. If they prefer gardening to football, for example, cater to this.

Organize Counselling If They Need It

As has already been discussed, the teenage years can be highly challenging. It may be beneficial for your teen to have someone to talk to who is removed from your family. They will likely be able to be more open and honest about any issues they are having. This is especially true if they are awkward or uncomfortable situations to discuss with parents. The might be topics like safe sex and STD worries, for example. You’ll also be empowering them to be independent, and showing that you trust them. Help your teen find someone they feel comfortable with, and then leave them to it. Despite the confidentiality agreement, the counselor can tell you if anything very serious has been discussed.

Watch Their Diet

The older our kids get, the less control we have over what they eat. If you suspect your teen is eating lots of bad food when not in your care, make up for it when they are. Home-cooked meals are generally far healthier than anything pre-packaged or ready-made. You are in control of the ingredients, and can tweak as necessary. For example, if a teen is anemic, you can increase the amount of red meat they’re eating with their evening meals.


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