Make Your Bed the Coziest Place on Earth

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Your bed is supposed to be your sanctuary and the place where you can go to relax and retreat from the rest of the world. It should also be there to help you get the vital restorative sleep that you need every night for both your physical and mental wellbeing. If it is not doing these things, it may be time to make one or two adjustments. Check out these tips to give you a helping hand in this area and turn your bed into the coziest place on Earth.

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Invest in a Mattress Topper

Perhaps you have recently invested in a new mattress recently (in which case you should check out how long to air out new mattress) or you have had one for a while and you are looking for ways to make it that little bit more comfortable. One way of doing this is by getting a mattress topper which could be made of memory foam, feathers, or egg crate foam. This adds some extra support to your body and increases your comfort levels.

Choose Your Pillow Carefully

You will have undoubtedly noticed that pillows come in varying degrees of fluffiness and firmness. So, here is a general rule of thumb to follow if you are wondering what is the right kind of pillow for you. If you generally sleep on your side, you should choose a firm pillow; if you prefer to sleep on your back, a medium pillow is right for you; and if you like sleeping on your stomach, opt for a soft pillow.

Find a Good Comforter

A down comforter is especially nice during the long winter months, and the best kind feel both warm and breathable. And as an additional plus point, it can also help to make your bed look that little bit more stylish and inviting.

Add Some Extras

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There are plenty of extras which you can add onto your bed depending on your personal preferences. To start off with, add some blankets and throws. You will probably want more during the winter months but you can easily start to remove them one by one as the weather gets warmer. Next, go for a few throw pillows. You may want to remove these when you are actually trying to drift off at night, but they are great for when you are lying in bed reading a book or watching a movie. On this note, a headboard can also be very good for these particular occasions. Use task lighting to create a reading nook for yourself.

Go for a Fluffy Rug

There is nothing worse than when that first step out of bed is onto a freezing cold wooden floor. So, try getting a fluffy rug to make your walk to the bathroom that little bit more pleasant.

Try using a combination of these different techniques to make your bed so cozy that you will never want to leave!  

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