Make First Impressions Count On Your Next House Viewing

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In life, we’re told not to judge books by their covers. After all, first impressions are often based on personal bias. As such, they’re rarely a reflection on what’s in front of us. But, when you’re buying a house, first impressions are more crucial than you realize. In fact, the majority of homeowners refuse to put an offer in without that ‘gut feeling’ a house is the one. And, guess what? The gut feeling they speak about is often nothing more than a favorable first impression.

As such, it’s worth considering this when you view your next house. While you may know by now what to look for when viewing properties, it’s less likely you’re aware of things to look out for from a first impression standpoint. Which is why we’re going to consider the three main pointers here.

The neighborhood

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Your first impressions should start before you even set eyes on the house. The neighborhood you choose to live in will have more of an impact on your quality of life than you could imagine. As such, pay attention to what’s outside as you drive to your viewing. Are there local amenities? Are there kids playing in the street? These and more are signifiers of whether an area is suited to your needs. It might even be worth driving around before arriving and getting the best feel for the place. Take some time, too, to stroll around the local park and get a feel for the people. All this can add towards your overall impression of the property.

The roof

The exterior appearance of a property is the most notable thing when it comes to a first impression. But, what you might not realize is that the roof is also worth appraisal. So, as you drive up to that property, get into the habit of looking up. More properties than you realize have roofing problems, and that could be a major-no go. Missing shingles can cause leaks which do untold damage. Instead, look out for ship-shape roofs, or options which use architectural shingles. You can head to sites like Wildwood Roofing to read more about the benefits of options like these. Needless to say; it doesn’t get much better in the first impression roofing stakes.

The entrance hall

And, the game isn’t up once you enter the property, either. The entrance hall is an area far too often neglected on house viewings. After all, you want to see what the rest of the property has to offer. As such, many of us fall into the habit of skipping this essential factor. But, slow it down and consider your first impression of the space. Of course, you can change decor and such, so try to look past that. Instead, pay attention to the general feeling you get. Is the area dark or light? Does it feel welcoming or claustrophobic? Given that this is the first room any guest will see in your house, it’s essential you spend time considering this.

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