Luxury Weekend Break Ideas For When You Don’t Have the Kids

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Being a parent is a full-time job. When you do get a weekend off from your parenting duties, you need to make the most of it. There is no point sitting around the house watching TV and sleeping. Instead, you need to get out there and enjoy life. You and your partner deserve to make the most of your free weekend. When, on rare occasions, you do get a chance to getaway together you need to make sure that it is special. If you don’t know quite what to do when the kids are away then, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some luxury break ideas for when you don’t have the children.

An Adventurous Getaway

A luxury holiday doesn’t always mean wining and dining. Sometimes a luxury escape can mean testing yourself. You could try pushing your body to its limits. When you have children, you neglect the wild side of life. You spend all your time worrying about how to keep your children safe, so you don’t take any risks. When you’re alone with your partner, though it is time to be adventurous. You could try white water rafting or even climb a sheer edge. Having fun with your partner is what an adventure holiday is all about. Taking a weekend out from being family-centric and having some thrilling fun will make you feel young and rejuvenated.

Take In Some Culture

For those culture vultures out there, there is only one type of holiday for you. For you, there is nothing better than learning about history or a new culture when you are on your trip. The problem is that your children are not as enthusiastic about culture as you are. When the children are away, then, you need to get your fill of all things historic. Go to a place with a rich history where there are lots of museums and galleries, such as London. Taking a cultural escape will help you, and your partner enjoy a more intellectual side of life. When you have the children to look after then you have to do things that children will enjoy. For once, take the time to do something that you will love.

A Pampering Session

Usually when you go away you have to cater to the children. That could mean going to Disney Land or a theme park. When you and your partner get the chance to go away alone, you must take full advantage of it. Give yourselves a luxury pampering session in a local spa for the weekend. Or book yourself into a high-end hotel, such as The Royal Scots Club, where you can unwind. Most of the time, you spend your money on the children. That is only natural. For once, spend that money on pampering yourselves and reminding each other why you fell in love in the first place.

Take A Road Trip

Taking a road trip is an ideal way to bond with your partner. Often, when you have a family, you neglect long car rides. Children don’t put up with travel as well as adults. It is likely that you will avoid car journeys so that you don’t have to deal with the children moaning. When you have a free weekend take the time to hit the road with your partner. Have no plan whatsoever and just see where you end up. The spontaneity of the trip will remind you what it feels like to have no responsibilities. Stop off wherever you feel like and enjoy new places. Finding a hotel at the last moment may prove more expensive, but having the freedom to go anywhere you want will feel refreshing.

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